Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is a drama. Love is a timing.

Life is a Drama. Love is a Timing
I saw the above phrases on the last episode of Again, My Love on Kbs World
and i feel like to quote them here.ehe :D

Someone called me last two days and told me about a super huge XXL surprising news. And it's a relief that it's a good news.ehe. At this moment, I can't share with you what the good news is (I have to zip up my mouth for at least two months.ehe). All I can say to John Doe or Jane Doe (this is what happens when I try to be secretive.ehe) is that i'm happy for you!!! very very very 1000x happy!!! You are one of the warmest person I ever met, and I'm glad Allah has bestowed all good things upon you. Thank You ALLAH for making my friend happy :)

this is a friendly reminder:
because you will make others happy by smiling

so, don't forget to SMILE ok!!

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