Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love is boundless. And its scope is extremely wide. Love can be divided to love to God, love to family, love to lover, love to oneself, love to friends, love to the country, love to the world etc. I do believe in love. And I hope you do. Because life is too short; that we have no tomorrow to be wasted.

Love to God. It’s the ultimate love. I believe that everyone should have faith in God regardless religions. Believing in God makes us feel secured. We should have faith in something to rely upon so that no matter difficult the life would be, we have the best reason to move on. And if you do not believe in any belief, I think you should seek one. Because believing in something or in one entity is extremely important in our life.

Love to family. Mother, father, siblings; they bring us happiness. And honestly, they are the most wonderful persons I ever had. And remember, whatever we do, we must bear in mind that family should be given the priority. Without family, we are nothing. So, it’s the best for us to keep a good relationship with our family. Alhamdulillah I’m glad I have a close and harmonious family.

Love to lover. I have faith that it’s a treasure. We never know how long it will last. A couple may break up. Husband and wife may split. It’s a sacred secret that only God knows about it. That’s why I call it a treasure. Seeking love in one relationship is like a treasure hunt. We never know the result. Whether the treasure will be money, gold or trash; we never know. But it needs to be reasonable. You cannot give your whole heart to somebody because it may leave you in pain.

Because of that, it’s important to have love to oneself. It’s a must. Anything we do, we should bear in mind that we should love ourselves. It does not mean we have to be selfish. And it doesn’t mean we have to ignore other people surrounding us. All we need is to be conscious that we should love ourselves more than anyone else, so that we won’t regret later.

Love to friends. Friendship is something I cannot get rid of from my life. Friends make me happy and they complete me. Frankly I’m not that friendly but I can be one if I meet someone whom I can get along with. But we have to be careful in choosing friends.

Love to the country. Patriotism is one of the best qualities that we should have. We must be proud of our country; regardless political ideology. I won’t hesitate to say it loud that Saya Anak Malaysia!

Love to the world. It includes the society and the environment. Speaking of society, we have to be attentive to our society. Respect your neighbours and others. As for environment, let’s go GREEN!

Talking about LOVE, I’d like to wish all mothers in this world Happy Mother’s Day!!

“I grew up well and thanks to you. And I love you so much mom!!”

extra: selca: Lee Min Ho & Song Hye Kyo


syasya said...

yes!that's true.last 2 years ago, one of my doctor here told me that you should not give your heart blindly 100% to your lover.leave 1% to yourself. at least, if he left, you still can breath. he told me that i have to be realistic all the time and don't let my emotional control my brain. when it does, your live will be such a disaster.hehe. once he told me, my thought cold the doctor was! but, when things goes by, all the experiences thingy..i start to realized that what he said is 100% true since nobody will lasts in this world. either they might left or die!huhu. The One that we should give 100% love is to Allah.the One will not left us even though in secs.

Lord Fiqo said...

how can one live without love in this world? if they say that they actually can, i think they're living in denials. we all need love.

i couldnt agree more with you nad.

[ citapus ] said...

syeena: it's true dear.whatever happen, we will have to come back to Allah.because He's THE CREATOR, He knows us the best.i like it when u say that if our lover leaves, at least we can still breathe.LOVE OURSELF MORE :)

[ citapus ] said...

hafiq: we do need's our VITAMIN!