Monday, January 4, 2010


I turned 24 last Saturday.huhu. N I'd like to thank friends & family for the bday wishes; via FB, phone calls & sms. Thanks so much for the beautiful wishes & silly yet crazy jokes.hehe.

During the day, I spent my bday with family & cousins (bt I cant post the pics; hmmm.. didn't dress up properly.hehe). During the night, spending time with Sheh was enough to make it memorable (after not meeting for almost 3months); although we only spent about 3hrs talking, eating, drinking & walking.hehe. I hope he had a nice chat with my parents & grandmas (he met my parents few times b4).haha :D

Turning into 24 doesn't make a lot of difference except, I start thinking & planning in great details about future. And not forgetting, at the age of 24, the 'rice cake' under my eyes (eyebag.hehe) becomes more visible than ever.hehe.

But, I always think age is only numbers, as long as we have
a healthy body & brilliant characters.hehe.

my first LOMO cam.hehe.
she is Princess Diary :)

It's just a beginning...


Lisya said...

happy belated B-day nad! damn. u got that lomo cam alreadyyyy. jeles laaaaaaaaaaaa! >.<

[ citapus ] said...

tq yana! yeah, got one already.hehe :D