Monday, January 11, 2010

Personal Taste; LMH's new project :)

I have a valid reason for not stop smiling.hehe. Today (jan 11), as I started surfing; the first thing in my mind is to wish my best friend happy bday n then to browse through Mino's soompi. OMG!! I'm sure today must be my LUCKY DAY!! I just can't believe my own eyes, scrolled down, scrolled up and YESSS!!! Lee Min Ho has chosen his next project called Personal Taste and it's scheduled to begin filming in late February for an April premiere.

The brief synopsis:

Lee Min Ho's role is of Jeon Jin Ho who is an architect looking for a room to rent. He is a precise and organized man. He is excited to have a chance to rent a room at the wonderful house. But the landlady hates men. In order to rent the room, he tells a lie. “I am a gay"!!!

p/s: personally, Mino's nxt project is something I always anticipate. I like him as a man, I love him as actor.hehe :D

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