Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm a Good Downloader :)

hehe. I'm not sure whether I'm a good one :P

This is going to be a brief entry (bcos i'm running out of time to revise for Public International Law.hehe). The campaign called I'm a Good Downloader has begun recently (well...not that recently actually;maybe approximately a month ago). Many A-list Hallyu stars involved in this campaign (please refer pics below) and the reason why I know about this campaign is because Hyun Bin is one of the stars.hehe :P

And on Nov 10, an event called I'm a Good Downloader Event was held and among other stars attended the event was of course, my Lee Min Ho-shhi.hehehe :)

Park Bo Young, Kim Suro, Won Bin & Goo Hye Sun (*ehem*) also attended the event and it's like a combination between the 2 generations of Hallyu stars. It'd be much interesting if Hyun Bin, Kim Tae Hee, Jang Dong Gun (just mention few names.hehe) could attend such an event. But, it's ok. Mino is more than enough and if you would like to watch the fancam of the event, just search for I'm a Good Downloader Event; easy right?hehe.

ok,that's it! gtg people! Books are waiting for ME!hehe
Take care & happy Friday :)

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