Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I start afresh :)

today is already the 6th day after my final paper. im literally doing nothing at home; it's understandable right? after exam, i'd always try my best to redeem my sleep.hehe. but, so far i'm controlling my food intake (trying to lose few kilos b4 start doing my pupilage for 9 months.huhu)

to be frank, i hv so many things to share with you; from my LawGrad dinner pics (held in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam on Nov 19) to Mino's latest updates in Japan (fyi, Mino held a fanmeeting in Japan, lucky Japanese!hehe). but, due to time constraint plus I'm a bit tired, after uploading 230 new pics in my Facebook (hehe), i dont think i can update all of them now.

Christmas is around the corner (a month frm today i think.hehe), but pics of Mino holding Christmas cakes are everywhere...spreading like FIRE.gagagaga.
p/s: the girl in the pics is an actress and yeah, she's one of Mino's good friend. *jealousy*

why Mino? Why????isk

take care peeps :)
and for Muslims,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

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