Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mr Brain & Ninja Assassin Review

it's been a long time I haven't written anything on movie or series review, isn't it? well, it's time to get hyper about them!hehe. recently, I watched the Ninja Assassin & japanese series called Mr. Brain. Let's start the review with Ninja Assassin.


looking at the title of the movie, everyone can predict that it is a ninja movie or something to do with the word "NINJA". If you do, then you're absolutely right. It's about Raizo (the name given to a little boy, Asian-looklike) who has been brought to a place with one purpose i.e. to be an assassin. The training went on based on Ninja tradition (i'm not sure whether this is based on true research or not but perhaps the director/scriptwriter made research about the ninja thing). the master kept mentioning that they are from the Uzuno clan which has the unbelievable power (as they could heal their wounds by meditating...huhu). in the earlier scenes you could see their routine; fighting, competing, pool of blood; although they were still young. the feeling of hatred was instilled in their hearts, and that is how they developed into a ninja. On teh other hand, day by day and as time passed, Raizo was close to a girl and this is when you could sense the smell of love between them (smell huh?hehehe). the girl always emphasized that she still has heart (which means that she's still a human) and it is shown when she refused to kill her friend in a battle. remember , they are ment to be assassins and they have no other choices except to abide by the orders given by their master. due to that, she was locked up and the only person concerned about her is Raizo. One day, she determined to escape and find her new life outside the place and she asked Raizo to come with her. as expected, Raizo refused by telling her that the place is his destination and this is when the storyline developed. she failed in the escape and was caught redhanded. and due to that, the master ordered a man called Takeshi to kill her. Knowing that Raizo has feeling for the girl, he gave a glance to Raizo before killing her. due to the killing, the betrayal began. After Raizo's first task of murdering a man, he attacked the master and the rest of ninja. what happen to him? you chould watch this movie. Although the New Moon is an IN thing today, but I chose to watch NInja Assassin instead, simply because i'm not a Twilight fan to begin with.

My (sincere) Comment:

To be honest, I watched this movie because of Rain. I'm not a big fan of him but I know how good he can be as an actor. I watched his acting in Sangdoo Go to School, Fullhouse, A Love to kill, I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK & Speed Racer as well. I must say I started to like his acting during the Fullhouse craze (hehe) and while watching A Love to kill, I cried like a crazy woman.hehe. Speed Racer is definitely the most lousy film I ever watched & the fact that Rain started his Hollywood acting career with this movie is simply wrong. But, he is fortunate because the Ninja Assassin is a good action movie; full with actions, swords, blood (erkk..). I must admit that the actions are too much to bear (at least for me) as I couldn't sit still until the end of the show. Luckily, I didn't bring my younger cousins (aged btwn 8-12 years old) although they kept insisting to join me. It's an okay movie, and it's better if you watch it in cinema instead of buying dvd and watch it at home. Make sure you have no problem with your heart or whatsoever ok!.hehe

extra: Interview with Rain & director of Ninja Assassin

japanese series 2009

This is Takuya Kimura's latest series (correct me if I'm wrong) and as a tv lover, I always love Takuya Kimura. His earlier masterpiece, a famous japanese series called Beautiful Life is one of my fav series. In this drama, he is Tsukumo Ryusuke who is a weird, childish, yet brilliant neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (IPS). Tsukumo tackles Japan's most difficult-to-solve crimes and scandals with his most brilliant and twisted criminal minds. Acting in such a drama, I must say that this is a good start for him after few years keeping his distance from publicity. Like I mentioned earlier, Tsukomo is a weird creature who loves banana so much. His laughing is scary yet at the same time hilarious. It's a must-watch drama; just like CSI and other investigation series. And maybe because I'm so used to CSI, I could always predict who the culprit was.hehe. Watch it to determine whwther you have a criminal mind or not :P

I kinda miss korean F4.hehe.
it's a good thing that they are still keeping in touch with each other
(these photos are frm SOFF)


Lisya said...

I love takuya too! so, u watch the series edi??

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i just saved it frm net.hehe.i intend to buy travel with more interested in TWM than SOFF :)
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