Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bling bling

heartbroken. jealous.

I missed SHINee The 1st Concert on 26.12.2010 due to the geographical and financial issues.hee. why? because the concert was held in Tokyo, Japan. known as one of the richest countries in the world; I never had a dream to visit Japan (because the currency may kill me.hehe).

i like their colourful stage!

According to reliable sources, *Lee Jinki (Onew), Kim Jonghyun (Jonghyun), Kim Kibum (Key), Choi Minho (Minho) & Lee Taemin (Taemin) sang 24 songs in one session (thr were 2 sessions). as much as I love their voice and songs, I feel sorry for them. and psst; I read somewhere that jjong's gf, Shin Sekyung also watched the concert.haha :p

argh. I can't get over the fact that I missed their 1st concert. they are like my babies; since 2008. why Japan? well, they will hold their next concert in their hometown, Seoul on Jan 1 & 2, 2011. *propta!*

uri jjong cried (as expected!hee. he's SHINee's crybaby), followed by Key(whenever jjong cried, he'd also cry; that's why they are Jongkey), Taemin (the youngest hardly cried.hee), Minho (he's the one who always comforted his fellow members) & Onew
(the leader who never failed to praise his dongsengs)
p/s: normally those who sacrificed the most (lead vocal) would cry their
hearts out esp. SHINee's Jonghyun, TVXQ's Changmin etc

i think Key cried the most this time! look at those tears.
omo! jjong, yr tears reminded me of those debut memories!
you did cry a lot!hee~ but still CUTE!

SHINee, all the BEST!
uri jjong, don't be sad. eventhough you can't dance for yr 1st concert,
your powerful voice has covered it up enough!!
get well soon, so that you'll make next comeback with yr legs.hee

before departed to Japan (he's wearing the PLASTIC SURGERY shirt! i looked around to find the look-alike shirt but haven't found one yet)

uri jjong is flying!hee~

jjong & taemin are having fun!
(it reminds me of SM Live Concert in LA)

compared to fanmeetings (esp. LMH's), concerts are quite difficult to be reviewed. when I went to Jason Mraz In Malaysia last yr, I forgot what to write; maybe because I enjoyed the perf. so much so there's no word to describe it. so, it's hardly to find a proper fan account about SHINee's 1st Concert in Tokyo that I can share with you. and as usual, I really love visuals!!! thus, let pictures speak for the shining SHINee!

of all jjong's hairdos, i love this one the most! the same hairdo when
he 1st met Sekyung during Dream Concert 2010 :)

his outfit for Lucifer is the BEST! (not to forget those muscles.hee)

I heard that SHINee will make a proper debut in Japan in March 2011. good job! polish yr Japanese and be like yr hyungs; TVXQ!! and one more thing that I couldn't stop praying from now on, SHINee is rumored to hold a concert in Sg next May/June 2011. yipppeee! by hook or by crook, I MUST attend the concert!! need to follow up abt it or else I might miss their concert!! not again! :(

take care!
*i mentioned SHINee's members in acc. with Shawols' fanchant :)

cdt: as tagged :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Diligence is the mother of good fortune

this post is a continuation of the prev. post

17.12.2010 (Friday) at Johor Bahru High Court 3 before
Yang Arif Puan Supang Lian

the eventful day marks the BEST year-end gift that I've ever had!
am glad everything went so smoothly; as I planned it to be.

after going through the 9-month chambering under the supervision of
my Master, Puan Suriani Binti Kamnoh the
LONG CALL ceremony finally happened :)

During my final year; esp. in Professional Practice classes the term "long call" was common. but I was clueless back then; well, theory and practice are not always in sync (i can guarantee that!)

Regardless the talks, words that chambering period is one hardly-to-be-completed, I managed to overcome all the impossibilities (i think filing papers process was quite troublesome for me esp. when I had to go to Kl just to settle all the filing process) and got admitted to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor.

Thank you Allah!! You've given me more than enough :)

Mak, Abah, Amim, Nana & Farah ... i you

Pn.Suriani, Mr. Norman & En. Lokman ... thank you!

" i'm not sure about tomorrow but until today I still want to be a practising lawyer"

and last but not least
jingle bell jingle bell
Merry X'Mas!!!

it's already Dec 25, and that means we have another 6 days to go before 2011
(should I be happy?hee)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time Machine

Time really does fly huh. It's nearly mid of December already! I can't believe this. I mentioned this few times to my friends; 2010 is the shortest year I ever had! well, I think it's just me.it's almost a year I had my last 'end-sem outing' with my close friends. you know what it is right. after final exam, we'd spend some time eating, hanging out eg. watching movies, sight-seeing; shopping. and it's almost a year we had our Law Grad dinner.

what else. oh. it's almost a year (or mayb it's been a year) I had my last paper. I think it was Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). I had sore eyes; so I remember that last final exam clearly. painful!

it's almost two months I attended my convocation day. hmm.
and it's nearly one and half month my pupilage period ended.

Time really flies; really really fast. *phew*.

What will be the next event? my Long Call (in which I'll be admitted to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor officially!). Finally. this is just a friendly advice; if you think of being a lawyer...make sure you're mentally-prepared.haha :p if only I have other ambitions (at least another ambition; *sigh* but I don't). I always wanted to be a lawyer; and I think that's a problem. nevermind. I'll make sure my children to have more than one ambition.hehehehe :D

My invitation cards; check! Catering; check!
If God willing, my Long Call will be on 17th December 2010;
Friday at 10am.

wish me luck peeps! hope it'll be one of the best moments in my life


Golden Disk 2010 (korean version of Grammy Award) was held on 09.12.10. too bad it wasn't aired on kbs world; so I watched the event a day after (on yt). like always; k-pop never disappointed me. I think I had so much fun watching the award when
SHINee received two awards.
Congrats! all Shawols must be very happy right now.hehe.

winning moment
frm left: Leader Onew & Bling Bling Jonghyun
(not in the gif: Charisma Minho, Diva Key & Maknae Taemin)


known as one of the best male groups in Korea who can sing very well (esp. my bias jjong & also SHINee's leader Onew); their Lucifer perf. is awesome!

love their dramatic perf. esp. watching uri jjong sitting on the king-sized throne while singing!haha. (he injured his ankle during Korea-Indonesia concert last Oct and he's still recovering)
and that long note of yours is totally EPIC jjong!!haha. He really knows how to do
the unforgettable fan-service.hee~
hope in year of 2011; SHINee will make a comeback with better music!

want more of jjong? am sure Mino will understand.hee :p

jjong during rehearsal of S.M The Ballad's Miss You @ Music Bank
and below: Suju's Kyuhyun tweeted his backstage photo with jjong & jino (:

p/s: Next year I'll be 25; quarter of a century.huu~
well, am still young. age is only numbers (:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First ♥ Letter

I never wrote letters. as far as I remember, I had never written one.
I don't know if it's normal for a 1986er like me but today I feel like writing one. *gediks*.

Public confession? yes, I think it is.haha. Am not really good in showing affection. if people asked me whether I have someone, I'd straight away say yes if I did and no if I didn't. Nothing to lose. I'm this kind of person. It takes a second to have crush on someone but it also takes a second to forget such a crush. I don't live to have a crush (except celebrity crushes!hee~); I only need .

One man to be ed. One is more than enough. Enough to crack my head; enough to make me smiling & crying. *phew*. So, personally I do think it's kinda strange to see people go two-timing (or even more). Jerks. They DON'T own my vote.

"I want you to be my fairy in the HEAVEN"

Srsly, he really moved my heart when he said this.

We are not CLINGY (that's for SURE!), we aren't in the state that we have to see each other every day; eating together or talking over the phone everyday. We are not kids anymore. and we are aware of it. No matter how pissed I was; no matter how much I complained; I still need him. Why? Only the Maker and I know it very well.

I'm a typical blood type A; STUBBORN. i hate people go against me. And I think God is being fair towards me; I found a man who has an absolutely opposite characters than I do. Patient; composed and cool. He isn't my 1st ; and it's not even at the 1st sight. But life is interesting yet unpredictable. He's probably the only one who can put up with my characters. He has his own CHARM that I wish no one could notice it except me. greedy? selfish? YES.haha.

This is my 1st letter for him. I doubt he has ample time to read this post; but one thing for sure. I know that he KNOWS even without me telling him/the whole world that I only have eyes for him. This is perhaps an ANNOUNCEMENT :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

I want it that WAY!

frankly speaking, there's nothing much to write these days (srsly.hehe)
but one thing for sure
I'm in the state of rejuvenating myself

and doing so,
hanging out with my siblings is definitely DAEBAK!!

am really into ballad & r&b these days; (and I don't why :p)
but I'm all ears for all genres!!

i wish I can get hold of this album asap!
love 2 single the most-
Hot Times & Miss You

from left: TRAX's Jay, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SM trainee Jino &
my BIAS, SHINee's Jonghyun

sorry, S.M Ballad sounds better than 2am.haha :D
psst. I prefer SM artistes compared to YG/JYP's
*mehrong :p*

last but not least,
it'd be great if I can attend SHINee The 1st Concert in Seoul
next January 2011. arghhh!!!
hope their concert will be doing gr8! and
, jjong
... get well soon!

chill! (:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

there's a Korean inside my body!

do you believe me? :P

I think I've already abandoned uri Lee Min Ho for at least two weeks! I can't remember the last time I visited his sites; which I also cannot believe it!haha :p

Blame it on SHINee's Kim Jonghyun peeps! bad guy; *nappun namja!* :D

well, due to his recent revealed-love affair with one well-known actress; Shin SeKyung; I started looking up to his news, vids etc. wait! this is definitely not the 1st time I heard abt him; don't ever get me wrong ya! ever since SHINee introduced in kpop, I always a big fan of Jjong; esp. his amazing voice and also flirtatious character (heeeeee). altho he's an idol (not all idols can sing WELL;trust me); but his voice surpassed other idols and also male singers. He's the main reason why I listen to SHINee's songs; his unique voice. the truth is it is hard to differentiate voices among band members (what more in a big boy/girl band eg. suju/SNSD) but Jjong is gifted with a very distinct voice which makes him really stand out than others!!

he's only 20 peeps (21 in lunar yr); he's at the same age as my younger sister. duhhh! Lee Min Ho (1987er) & Kim Jonghyun (1990er)... why?why must i like younger guys?hee. just like I melted every time I watched Mino's acting; I always did every time I listened to Jjong's singing esp. Hyeya (korean version of Y Si Fuera Ella) .He never failed to hit the high note and it goes without saying that every time he did, I'd definitely go gagagaga.hehe.

In conclusion, Shin Sekyung is one LUCKY girl! it's quite surprising seeing pics of them on a street date; holding hands and listening to music (Jjong also composed few songs for SHINee). it's uncommon for two young celebrities who are at the TOP of their fame but knowing Jjong (the bad guy character & also the crybaby of SHINee), i think they must be thinking that it's not a SIN to love and be loved! yes, as a layman, normal person like us it's easy to do; dating in public but for k-pop idols/korean celebs, they are different. do you know how strong hallyu (korean waves) affected the world wide? it's CRAZY! some Blingers (Jjong's fans) couldn't accept the fact that their idol is dating (for real); so anti-comments popped up everywhere to the extent Shin Sekyung closed her personal homepage on the same day the news revealed (and also confirmed by both agencies).

For those who knew well about what happened to 2pm's ex-leader, Jaebom (now known as Jay Park) in the early of 2010; you might know to what extent 'netizens' (korean fans) can do harm to one's career! Jaebom left 2pm and returned back to his country. that's how crazy netizens can be. I hope this time, Jjong-Sekyung aka Jongkyung won't be affected that much. it's heartbreaking to see Jjong not being his usual self; lively as what a typical AB blood type normally do (hyper!); it's frustrated to see Jjong broke down in front of his fans (remember I told u earlier; he's the crybaby! because he worked really hard to reach this stage; with his amazing voice). I got so mad when thinking about how cruel fans can be. you call yourself a fan; but you ended up hurting your loved ones?? stupid. this is one thing that I can never accept about some korean fans. International fans do a better job i guess (Taiwanese Shawols & Blingers; komawo-yo!! your 998 banners written "Jjong, we will protect you" during SHINee's recent FM in Taiwan definitely did WONDERS!).

see? can you see a Korean inside me?hehe. sometimes, I wondered...maybe I was born in the wrong country.hehe. I don't listen to local songs (because even the songs are sung in my own language but I can't feel anything...I love music more than handbags/shoes peeps; so it's important for me to have a good feeling to what I'm listening to). I do listen to English songs but am not that type who listens to radio which only play killer songs! I don't like random people, I don't like random actors/actress and I also don't like random singers! that is ME. I'm someone who only listens to songs which are well-sung; no matter how least popular the songs are. and one more thing, I listen to one's album and not to radio.

I listen to Korean songs a lot! just like when I was little, whenever I listened to English songs, I'd look up to dictionary and find the meaning of certain words; I can always look up in search engine the English translation of Korean songs. easy right? i don't get it when people came to me and sarcastically asked; "do you understand the lyrics?". am not really a nice person; not always be (to be precise); sometimes I just gave them a smirk/worst-I'd reply "do you think I'm stupid?". I'm a typical A blood type; STUBBORN! so watch out.

extra #1: footage Jjong sang lil' Hyeya in Dream Concert. His right is Suju's Kim Heechul & his left is Shin Sekyung :) (Dream Concert is the 1st place they met each other)

Lyrics : Hyeya/Kim Jonghyun

Translation: Y Si Fuera Ella/Kim Jonghyun

Ella, sorry is what I want to say
I don't want to wait any longer
Far from now, at the very end, to say it
So that even in this painful period of time
We'll still be able to laugh
Creating new happy memories for us to remember

Ella, you told me before didn't you
You only love me as a good friend
And remain beside me forever as a best friend
Don't say those words to me ever again
To you it may sound light
But to me, weigh heavy
My feelings must have given you a hard time
I'll step back a bit, I'll wait
So that you'll be comfortable
I'll be standing from far away
I'm begging you like this

Ella, how are you trying to leave
With your smiling eyes, and cruelly saying goodbye
Killing me by suffocating me
The happiness the get from the melody
Is still too brilliant
Please don't leave me
Don't abandon me

I don't want to live
What should I do
Without you in my life
It's better to act like I don't know
Because like this the sadness is driving me insane

Ella, How are you trying to leave me
With those easy words, "goodbye"
Making me feel reproachful at your departure
Oh, Please....
Don't go ella

Ella, you told me before didn't you
You only love me as a good friend
And remain beside me forever as a best friend
Don't say those words to me ever again
To you it may sound light
But to me, weigh heavy
My feelings must have given you a hard time
I'll step back a bit, I'll wait
So that you'll be comfortable
I'll be standing from far away
I'm begging you like this

Ella, How are you trying to leave me
With those easy words, "goodbye"
Making me feel reproachful at your departure
Oh, Please....
Don't go ella

It's better to act like I don't know
Because like this the sadness is driving me insane

Ella, How are you trying to leave me
With those easy words, "goodbye"
Making me feel reproachful at your departure
Oh, Please....
Don't go ella
Don't go....

extra #2. Jjong sang No. 1 in SM Live '10 concert in LA