Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First ♥ Letter

I never wrote letters. as far as I remember, I had never written one.
I don't know if it's normal for a 1986er like me but today I feel like writing one. *gediks*.

Public confession? yes, I think it is.haha. Am not really good in showing affection. if people asked me whether I have someone, I'd straight away say yes if I did and no if I didn't. Nothing to lose. I'm this kind of person. It takes a second to have crush on someone but it also takes a second to forget such a crush. I don't live to have a crush (except celebrity crushes!hee~); I only need .

One man to be ed. One is more than enough. Enough to crack my head; enough to make me smiling & crying. *phew*. So, personally I do think it's kinda strange to see people go two-timing (or even more). Jerks. They DON'T own my vote.

"I want you to be my fairy in the HEAVEN"

Srsly, he really moved my heart when he said this.

We are not CLINGY (that's for SURE!), we aren't in the state that we have to see each other every day; eating together or talking over the phone everyday. We are not kids anymore. and we are aware of it. No matter how pissed I was; no matter how much I complained; I still need him. Why? Only the Maker and I know it very well.

I'm a typical blood type A; STUBBORN. i hate people go against me. And I think God is being fair towards me; I found a man who has an absolutely opposite characters than I do. Patient; composed and cool. He isn't my 1st ; and it's not even at the 1st sight. But life is interesting yet unpredictable. He's probably the only one who can put up with my characters. He has his own CHARM that I wish no one could notice it except me. greedy? selfish? YES.haha.

This is my 1st letter for him. I doubt he has ample time to read this post; but one thing for sure. I know that he KNOWS even without me telling him/the whole world that I only have eyes for him. This is perhaps an ANNOUNCEMENT :D

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