Saturday, December 25, 2010

Diligence is the mother of good fortune

this post is a continuation of the prev. post

17.12.2010 (Friday) at Johor Bahru High Court 3 before
Yang Arif Puan Supang Lian

the eventful day marks the BEST year-end gift that I've ever had!
am glad everything went so smoothly; as I planned it to be.

after going through the 9-month chambering under the supervision of
my Master, Puan Suriani Binti Kamnoh the
LONG CALL ceremony finally happened :)

During my final year; esp. in Professional Practice classes the term "long call" was common. but I was clueless back then; well, theory and practice are not always in sync (i can guarantee that!)

Regardless the talks, words that chambering period is one hardly-to-be-completed, I managed to overcome all the impossibilities (i think filing papers process was quite troublesome for me esp. when I had to go to Kl just to settle all the filing process) and got admitted to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor.

Thank you Allah!! You've given me more than enough :)

Mak, Abah, Amim, Nana & Farah ... i you

Pn.Suriani, Mr. Norman & En. Lokman ... thank you!

" i'm not sure about tomorrow but until today I still want to be a practising lawyer"

and last but not least
jingle bell jingle bell
Merry X'Mas!!!

it's already Dec 25, and that means we have another 6 days to go before 2011
(should I be happy?hee)


Fiqo said...

congrats Nad.

now you're officially, an advocate & solicitor :)

[ citapus ] said...

thanks hafiq!! :)