Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictorial diary

This week went well.
And I'm not going to write PT review today,
maybe later..4/6 episodes altogether.hehe :p

Let's pictures speak; shall I?

My office mates & I

They are all conveyancing clerks
-from left: Kak Siti, Kak Eta & Huda
(Huda & I are of the same age; so we are dropping formalities.hehe)

Kak Leena (litigation clerk specialized in public auction)
and Siva (conveyancing clerk)

Only uploaded few (there are more than 20 staffs at my office including me, one partner lawyer & 2 legal assistants) because I didn't bring cam at that time; these are stolen pics.hehe :D

It's been a while I didn't show off my cam-whoring talent.haha.
And I think I'm losing it slowly.erkk..

at Magistrate Court
before full hearing

on Saturday, spent time with uri Sheh Ariff-ssi.
*casual date mode*

did watch IronMan 2 (I insisted to watch IpMan 2 but he won this time.hehe). Then we had tea-break @ Klg's Rail Coffee; kluang railway toast is a MUST-eat. Headed to Gunung Lambak for a walk (fyi: Rail Coffee & Gng Lambak are my hometown's landmarks).

Personal Taste is getting better & better.
I don't mind the episode extension.
Extension means I can see Mino more.
Am I right?

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