Monday, May 31, 2010

CURSE on you!

I don't really care about GAS or whatsoever. Politics are DIRRTY and it's actually a dirty word. period. I used to get so hyped when it comes to it (once upon a time ago)
but slowly the interest fades away.

But when it comes to global dispute; human rights, wars, Israelis, Palestinians etc I think I'm responsible to voice out my opinion. There's a book I read last year (before my final exam) but I can't recall the title. It contains few perspectives of WAR in the eyes of Israelis & also Palestinians. Funny. The former is invading the latter but the former's story is narrated so dramatic; or I can safely say it's more dramatic than what it occurred to the latter. as if the Israelis are the victims.haha.Funny. While reading the book, I just smirked and wondered, "Is this how you tell your side of story Israelis? You got to be KIDDING me". I can't specifically re-narrate what the former did narrate but it sounded ridiculous to a layman like me.hmm

So, what happened today is not something NEW, we are familiar with it; say: WAR CRIME by Israelis. yess! what had happened this morning is actually a war crime as the clash occurred in international waters. The flotilla organized by Free Gaza Movement was attacked, and yet there's no confirmation on death tolls so far. Some say 19, some 20. Only Allah Al-Mighty knows the best.

While few inhumane Malaysians are brave enough to commit infanticide (and that is actually bringing shame to my country), few Malaysians are brave enough to join the Free Gaza Movement, bringing hope to Palestinians, to little kids, to women, to elders. And now, we don't know whether they are still alive or not. I pray to Allah swt to assist the surviving volunteers; give them STRENGTH ya Allah! Bless them with patience & istiqomah! Amiin...

It doesn't matter if you're Muslims or non, let's pray that all surviving volunteers are safe and be able to return to their respective countries safely. InsyaAllah (God willing).
I'm sure there's no religion that would permit bloodshed.
So, let's PRAY!

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najlaa haridan said...

amin amin ya rabbal 'alamin.