Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goodbye Semester II 09

FINAL EXAM is OVER! yahooo!!
after the last paper, my friends and i spent time playing around
as if we never was fun!!

the Curve

pedal boat time! @ Lake Garden

playground...feel young again.ehe :D

throughout semester II, i've experienced many things; bitter & sweet. i try to be optimistic, so i'm going to remember the sweet one, donated my blood for the first time on the last day of 2008 (the nurse couldnt find my vein,and only succeeded after 3's hurt!!), i'm already 23 a day after new year (i love odd numbers..ehe), attended Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia (i'm a big big big fan of him!!!), celebrated my 4th anniversary with the loved one (i'm thankful!), i found my new McDreamy & fav K-Drama(ehehehehe.bak kate Sheh,"you tu slalu je tuko-tuko,dulu Wentworth Miller, skang Lee Min Ho plak" and he further said, "I nk ngk bape lame you gilekan laki ni" (hmm..i smelt jealousy when he said those words.dengki la tu..ehe) & many many more.

well, i've prepared my checklist for the 3months break (yahoooo again!). Among others:

  • get enough sleep, including nap.ehe
  • learn how to cook! honestly, i'm bad at cooking!haha :D
  • watching movies-on-my list: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, He's not that into you (nk sgt ngk cte ni..ehe), Mother (korean movie) & i'm not sure when Transformer will come out but i'm looking forward for it!
  • exercise!! this is for sure!ehe.i've lived an unhealthy life in
  • meeting friends esp. my old friends (thr'll be a reunion soon.cant wait)
  • watching everything on tv. i'm loving it!
  • reading novels, mangas, mags (hahaha.sgt keduniaan..)

this is my treat.ehe :D

p/s:lastnight, i rewatched BOF eps. 22-25.meleleh-leleh airmate.ehehe.i only slept after Subuh.perhh...after exam pon mase ade ati xnk tdo awl.nad..nad.btw,i'm going home tomorrow *happy mode*


Lord Fiqo said...

happy hols nad!~ ;)

[ citapus ] said...

you too hafiq!!see u nxt 3 months.ehe :D