Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pre-3rd Paper: Public International Law I

PP, evidence were over & there r 4 papers left.phew~
PP was so-so, Evidence was ok but i wish i had more time to answer the q (3hrs x enough!)

my next paper is public international law. i love the subject! even if i'm not a law student, i would make an effort to study on this subject bcos knowing the international law is very important in our life.we should know how the international law works & what benefit we can gain out of it.well,i'm still learning & won't stop learning.

my body is aching.one paper after another is killing me softly...seriously.ehe.but,the tagline "You have to be STRONG" keeps me moving. Sheh is busy with his final year project & i really hope he'll get through the hard time completing the project." B,i know u can do it well.and i know u r sick of these words but aja aja fighting! ehe :D "
one thing for sure:

i'm not being myself until April 16.

p/s: i received a call from my sis informing that one of my uncles is sick & he's receiving a treatment at hospital right now.i hope his condition will get better.may Allah bless him

bonus: watch my Min Ho sings...ehe ;D
hope u love it :)


Lord Fiqo said...

i x sempat jwb PIL td. darn it. i had to cut short my anwers. I answered all. but some off my answers are very brief. but nevermind ;)

btw good luck to ur b. syg btol kat bf dia erk? ;p

[ citapus ] said...

ohw.ur answers ok kowt,dun wori k.mstila syg..name pon bf..ehe :D