Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pre-1st Paper: Professional Practice I


This is my tagline throughout this exam period.

From the day 1 of the semester, I never find Professional Practice is a difficult subject but after few lectures I realized that my lecturer has higher expectation from us (other lecturers of PP as well) The usual phrase coming from Mdm Suzanna (my PP lecturer) is, “Advocate & Solicitor has a duty to uphold the dignity of the profession” and its not easy for me to get rid of it (Nad is being so academic…ahaha. its so not Me!)

I must say that because of PP, I do realize that I am about to achieve my ambition. Yeah…it’s scary enough to think about the profession itself, plus workloads, legal research etc as I’m only 40% prepared for that moment. but I always have this thought that PP is all about my future profession, so I need to give my very best to this subject not only for the purpose of examination but also to satisfy my own self.

Well, in the course of revising PP, I did a lot of things (as usual.ehe). Having a cup of Indolo, listening to my playlists (from All English to Bahasa Nusantara, then to Fun Hangul…ehe). I even took few pics (xde keje.ehe) including:

My favourite badge

which I put on my pencil case

moody.sometimes crazy.sometimes geeky.ehe

My graduation photo

(Majlis Graduasi MRSM Muar 2003)

I hate the robe bcos it’s so shiny *x suke* and I remember wearing baju kurung songket (orange in colour that I only wore once…ehe) & the dull white scarf

(hmm…only white scarf was allowed *boring*)

***Speaking of Mrsm, I remember paying $ for the so-called ANSARA fee in matric PJ and main campus during the taaruf week (orientation week). But, where is my money? Ok, fine. The issue is not about the money but what has ANSARA done with my money? I never see any meeting held, functions organized or any benefit out of paying the fee. Who has to be blamed? idiot.

Min Ho is reading his script in his own way.ehe :D
omg.i'm having BOF withdrawal syndrome.isk

p/s: pray for me people!


najlaa said...

gud luck yang!!!
speaking about ansara..aku tak register pon ansara..muahahaha

syasya said...

BOF withdrawal syndrome??
u make me scared to continue watching d BOF..hahaha.


anyway, good luck in exam!
my quote: belajar.terus belajar selagi masa berteman di sisi. bak kata indonesian student's here : semangat!semangat terus!! hihi.


[ citapus ] said...

gudlak to you too (walopon satu paper da tlpas..ehe)
ANSARA?nyampah aku pk..ehe

[ citapus ] said...

syeena: a' having BOF withdrawal br abes 1st paper..after mghrib tros crik laptop on9...ngk update on BOF & lee min ho..ehe.neway,thnx for the cr :)