Sunday, March 27, 2011

they are my ROMEOs

once a fan always a fan

I think this would be the most accurate phrase to describe how I truly like these two Korean guys :D

one is a very good looking Hallyu (korean wave) actor while another is a very talented main vocalist cum songwriter for one of the most successful k-pop groups.

guess who?? yes, I think you are guessing right.hee.
they are none other than

Lee Min Ho
SHINee's Kim Jonghyun

this is not another lengthy 'Lee Min Ho special' so don't worry ya.hee. am writing this because both guys are preparing for their comeback; so as a Minoz and Shawol it's normal to anticipate their comeback, isn't it?

1) the 1987er Lee Min Ho departed to Thailand on 24.03.2011 to begin the filming of City Hunter.

according to a fan account, Mino filmed at the Floating Market

let me give you a brief introduction of City Hunter ♫♪

Mino & his co-star Park Min Young
(Min Young is a year older than Mino and they once acted together in I am Sam)

Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste, Boys Over Flowers) is Lee Yoon Seong in the Blue House national communications team, Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I am Sam) is previous Judo player and current Blue House bodyguard Kim Nana, Lee Joon Hyeok (The Three Brothers,Worlds Within) is the best elite prosecutor Kim Young-joo while KARA's Goo Hara plays the president’s daughter.

thanks to Minoz Thailand for the pic (altho it's blurry), at least I know that he's okay with his Song Il Guk look alike bodyguard.hee

this is going to be Mino's next drama after 'Personal Taste'
known as a young actor with very good eye expressions, his comeback is surely anticipated by Minoz and k-drama lovers. City Hunter is scheduled to air on 25.05.2011. *clap clap clap*
I can't wait! after all, he's my Mino :)

fan service :)

the shy Mino after winked at camera :p

2) the 1990er Kim Jonghyun underwent a surgery on 17.01.2011 on his left leg at a hospital in Seoul.

He previously injured his left ankle in October of 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

after the incident, he stopped dancing for a while and since then he either performed sitting on chairs/standing. Shawols as well as Blingers believe that it must be hard for him as SHINee is a dance group.

known as one of the idols with the best vocal, he always worked hard in everything he did :) plus, he also involved in SM's unit project known as SM The Ballads together with Suju's Kyuhyun, Trax's Jay & rookie Jino.

he's spotted near the SM building (SHINee is under SM management) on 24.03.2011 and he's looking good. honestly, I'm very HAPPY to see his recent pic. altho it's blurry (again)! nvm, I know what it feels when meeting with a fav star (because I took more blurry pics of Mino when he came to M'sia in 2009. I was star-struck!hee)

Jjong together with other SHINee members began their career at very young age; they officially debuted in 2008 (jjong was only 18 at that time; 19 in lunar year) and his comeback to the shining SHINee is obviously something that I'm anticipating :) i really hope i won't wait for too long to see him again; because I'm missing my jjong :(

another fan service :)

the shy Jjong after sang Wheesung's Insomnia :D

I wish both of them SUCCESS for their comeback!!
lots of
for them

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a Juliette

I think all women are :)

okay, here I am; it's already 0113 hr; but I'm still not sleepy. Idk where did I get this much

I started this blog (in 2008) with the mind of 'freedom of expression' which I believed it exists in Malaysia. but, nope. we do not own that freedom of expression; maybe only for 20%? or maybe less than that.

How should I put the feeling of dissatisfaction that I have into words? hmmm.haha. honestly, if I mention about the dissatisfaction, anger, disappointment etc; I can't find/use sweetest words to express them. because I'm not an angel. I want others, be it friends/strangers know that I am genuine. I will smile if I like you and I won't fake my smile if I hate you. as simple as that. you can see the anger/happiness from my facial expression; because I'm not born to be an actress.

to whom it may concern,
just know this one thing; I hate men who nag too much (except SHINee's Key omma) but I hate men who stalk even more!! I'm not stupid. I can easily recognize those stalkers. stop stalking! BACK OFF! be a professional. I hope everyone can respect each other's privacy. don't ask me anything that obviously has nothing to do with you. it's none of yr business. and that's one thing for sure. it may sound arrogant, but think 1st before asking me questions. even though I don't believe freedom of expression does exist; but I want to have one in my OWN blog. pls leave me alone while I'm still being NICE. -the end-

it'd be nice if I can hang out with my siblings/besties often. I am too bored to be home :(

hee. the same pose by my dongseng, Syamim & Liyana

it's nearly one month since I last used contact lens; getting used of wearing glasses these days (during working days) but i still prefer lens actually

our youngest (maknae) sister, Farah is studying in Sarawak; so she's the one we seldom see
but she's doing good so far; as always :)

The Supermoon on 19th March 2011

"Tonight the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been for 18 years
- a spectacular sight awaits us", said James Attlee.

the nearest approach of the Moon to Earth for the past 18 years as bringing it some 30,000 miles closer than usual.

this was taken by me at 1940 hr after Maghrib prayer
(w/o any editing)

the 2nd pic

p/s: I have so much to share about LMH, SHINee but let's save them for the last.hee. insyaAllah, will update more on weekends :)

happy Friday!! for Muslimin, don't forget to perform Friday prayers!!!
I hate seeing men wandering around during Friday prayers, shame on you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's getting UGLIER!

i want to keep this weekend to myself. no prior dates.
only ME.

let me be alone; and be Nad for two days. pls.

if possible, I'd love to turn off my hp.

the whole weekdays had given me headache! and too much dramas to handle!

am enjoying myself watching SHINee 1st Concert in Japan in HD :)

missing him :(


my deepest condolences to all the tsunami & earthquake victims in Japan
my prayers are always with you

Thursday, March 3, 2011

try to catch up what I've missed

i couldn't choose the better title than this one. srsly.hee :p

i heard "Nad, you look tired" quite few times lately and yes, I do look tired and
I am TIRED! aigoo.
it's not only dark circles that explain the fatigue but also my facial expression. even if I smiled people can say that I am in fact tired, what more can I say?

my mother nagged me for the whole last weekend; telling me to sleep early, to rest well.
I did actually!! well, I did sleep late sometimes but it was because I took nap at least an hour after Maghrib prayer. I always told people that I can sleep early but I'd end up waking up in the midnight/at 3@4 a.m but I can see the unbelievable looks they'd given to me. I'm not lying.
so, in my case it's better to sleep lil bit late than to sleep early but end up waking up in the mid of night ALONE!haha. that sounds scary. sometimes. even in our home sweet home.

my health is dropping; I fell sick easily. last year alone I visited clinic for more than 5 times! that is a remarkable number in my family's records. even during my university time, I might go to clinic once in a semester. really need to take more, more and more supplement from today onwards. aigoo~


it's been ages since I last cam-whored :p

let's summarize what I got from last week. shall we?

number ONE
my friends got married last Sunday!!
congrats Noreen & Eddy!!!!

it's a wonderful scene when friends gathered after years. it's like a small reunion. nice!
most of them are my former Mrsm-mates; few were Stkians

number TWO
i love them because they never stop SHINING!

this is my fav pic of Jonghyun & Minho
they are known to be roommates and both mentioned each other names in their acceptance speech in two different awards last year and early this year. they are my Jongho :)

there are more pics publicized by Maypole but I love this bts pic. always love jjong in tee
honestly, I think he's the most photogenic member among all (his jawline is a killer.haha); followed by Key.hee. do you believe me?kekeke. ok. I uploaded the following vid for some fan-service.hihi :p

i miss jjong terribly :(
can't wait for his full recovery and comeback

number THREE
my parcel had ARRIVED!!!!!! I can't stop smiling :))

blue is Jonghyun and orange is Minho :D
Minho (Choi Minho) is my younger sis's BIAS

finally!!haha. i can't believe i'm already 25.kekeke :p

"Let's bury the PAST but you'll ruin the PRESENT by worrying about the FUTURE so let's get on with the PRESENT"