Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a Juliette

I think all women are :)

okay, here I am; it's already 0113 hr; but I'm still not sleepy. Idk where did I get this much

I started this blog (in 2008) with the mind of 'freedom of expression' which I believed it exists in Malaysia. but, nope. we do not own that freedom of expression; maybe only for 20%? or maybe less than that.

How should I put the feeling of dissatisfaction that I have into words? hmmm.haha. honestly, if I mention about the dissatisfaction, anger, disappointment etc; I can't find/use sweetest words to express them. because I'm not an angel. I want others, be it friends/strangers know that I am genuine. I will smile if I like you and I won't fake my smile if I hate you. as simple as that. you can see the anger/happiness from my facial expression; because I'm not born to be an actress.

to whom it may concern,
just know this one thing; I hate men who nag too much (except SHINee's Key omma) but I hate men who stalk even more!! I'm not stupid. I can easily recognize those stalkers. stop stalking! BACK OFF! be a professional. I hope everyone can respect each other's privacy. don't ask me anything that obviously has nothing to do with you. it's none of yr business. and that's one thing for sure. it may sound arrogant, but think 1st before asking me questions. even though I don't believe freedom of expression does exist; but I want to have one in my OWN blog. pls leave me alone while I'm still being NICE. -the end-

it'd be nice if I can hang out with my siblings/besties often. I am too bored to be home :(

hee. the same pose by my dongseng, Syamim & Liyana

it's nearly one month since I last used contact lens; getting used of wearing glasses these days (during working days) but i still prefer lens actually

our youngest (maknae) sister, Farah is studying in Sarawak; so she's the one we seldom see
but she's doing good so far; as always :)

The Supermoon on 19th March 2011

"Tonight the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been for 18 years
- a spectacular sight awaits us", said James Attlee.

the nearest approach of the Moon to Earth for the past 18 years as bringing it some 30,000 miles closer than usual.

this was taken by me at 1940 hr after Maghrib prayer
(w/o any editing)

the 2nd pic

p/s: I have so much to share about LMH, SHINee but let's save them for the last.hee. insyaAllah, will update more on weekends :)

happy Friday!! for Muslimin, don't forget to perform Friday prayers!!!
I hate seeing men wandering around during Friday prayers, shame on you!

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