Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy 4th DEBUT anniversary Lee Min Ho ssi!!!!!

this pic is so special. my very first time seeing Lee Min Ho.
2008: The Star Goldenbell KBS World marks Lee Min Ho's 4th DEBUT anniversary.
So for Minoz/Lee Min Ho's fans, mark your calendar-
10 May 2006 is the actual date Mino's debut.hehe :)

Although Mino starred in few dramas & movies before Boys Over Flowers, I haven't watched his previous art yet. Maybe one day..I will start looking for them & buy all at once. If my bf has Spawn collections, why can't I have something as my own collection? Justified! :p

My wish:
I wish Mino will star in more good dramas & movies; I'm not much a k-movie-goer (except few box-office movies eg Speed Scandal etc) but if he stars in any movies, definitely I'm going to watch it. There goes my loyalty towards him.hehe. I also wish Mino a good health despite of his busy schedule & lack of beauty sleep. I don't wish him to have a girlfriend at this moment (hehe) altho he wants one. I wish his dream to be recognized as a good actor for his age will come true (but I think he already achieved that!). He is already a Hallyu-star with his more-than-half-million-friends on fb.hehe :)

Keep up the good work Mino! Hwaiting!!!!

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