Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008! Welcome 2009!

alhamdulillah,in a few hours,2008 is ending and 2009 is about to begin.suka duka sepjg 2008 akan kite tgglkan.the best thing is today,31 dec 2008,i ended 2008 by donating my 350ml of blood for National Blood Center.i am a firstimer,so mmg nervous la td apetah ag aku ni mmg blood-phobia(ehe).papepon,im hoping in the future there will be more chances for me to donate the blood.throughout this yr(2008),ade byk jgak pkare yg da blaku,baek n buruk.thn ni aku dpt ank buah yg ptame-Karmila Sofeya yg cute cm namenye,thn ni gak ade sorg ag cousin aku kawen-Shazreen(and his wife is expecting.ehe),thn ni adeq last aku abes spm(adeq2 aku sme da besa2.ehe),sorg kwn rapat aku dpt her 1st baby named Muhd Raid Harith.ade byk ag pkare yg best blaku dlm thn 2008.yg burok?xnk ctela..ehe.sbb yg penting smenye yg best2 je..yg x best x pntg lgsg.ehe.and speaking of the new da year,we are not exempted to talk abt new resolutions.yeah..i have few,among others are:
1. improve my gpa & cgpa(study more,oye2 less!phew~)
2. improve my legal skills
3. be a better person(a better daughter to my parents,a better sister to Syamim,Nana & Fara,a better gf to Sheh Ariff & a better friend to others)
4. lose more kgs(ahaha)

therefore,as a beginning,lets pray to Allah that 2009 will bring the best in us.InsyaAllah =D

my 1st time derma darah.hihi.nurse tu cucuk 2x kt lengan aku br jmp vein aku,smpai2 jd lebam2 skng ni.uhu.350ml telah berjaya didermakan.alhamdulillah :)

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