Friday, July 31, 2009

I love you without anyone knowing it...[updated]

Today, I began my day with an intention to go to the Career Exhibition at Midvalley with few close friends. At 11am, I received a morning call from my friend;
"Nad,today's plan is cancelled"
I replied, "Why?" Farhana said, "The career booths will only be opened tomorrow". Here's a thing; I woke up early for one purpose i.e To attend the career exhibition but it is cancelled. I tried to continue sleeping but I couldn't :(

Reading LAW is undeniably good. But since I enrolled into Matric IIUM (Petaling Jaya) and start learning law, there is something I'm lacking at. I always love Mathematics & Additional Mathematics but so far, **studying law has nothing to do with numbers unless in Probate,Company Law & Banking Law (maybe). I start to forget what tangen, sinus etc are (hehe) but luckily I have Sudoku & this colourful Cube (it's my replacement for Mathematics)

try to solve this...

**the appropriate term is 'reading', but I'm afraid people misunderstand that law students only read & memorize the laws; the reality is WE DON'T! (at least I don't). Law is to be understood and not to be memorized!!remember that!)

Yesterday, when I was busy looking for new MVs, I came across one MV entitled "Love is Punishment by K.will". I am always a fan of K.Will (not a big fan but I can't help to love his voice since I first listened to his in A Love To Kill OST). 'Love is Punishment' is actually a theme song for a korean drama called 'Brilliant Legacy'. I have a knowledge about the drama (plus the main actor is someone I'm familiar with; Seunggi from 3 Days 2 Nights) but I never had a chance to watch it. I don't know why but I was touched when I listened to it for the first time.
"I believed LOVE was happiness; LOVE that can't be spoken is a punishment from the heaven"

I don't get carried away by those lyrics because there is no such punishment from heaven.ehe :D But, what I'm trying to emphasize here is that the lyrics give a hint that it's an emotional burden for not be able to tell someone you love that you actually love him or her. I'm always positive that LOVE is very difficult to be explained. Sometimes it can't be explained or expressed by words or even gestures. But, it's important to confess to the person you love. No matter what it takes; courage or tears, tell them that you love him or her. LOVE is a happiness and it's surely not a punishment (nvm K.Will,I still love your song.ehe). Hmm...I don't know when I'll be free from workloads (which are keep increasing day by day) but I hope I'll find time to watch 'Brilliant Legacy'.

I love you without anyone knowing it...
('s part of the lyrics)

As I promised that I would inform you about any update on Dream (starred by Kim Bum, Joon Ji Mo & Son DamBi). The drama premiered on July 27 at #SBS. This is the trailer (credit to the person who uploaded it on youtube)


(i) Mino would continue his studies at Konkuk University this year after a long break (to recover from the car accident+BOF filming). He will start the 2nd semester of 2nd year :)


(ii) F3; Lee Min Ho, Kim Joon and Kim Bum will attend ss501's concert called ‘SS501, THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL' held at Olympic gymnasium # 1 in Seoul on August 1, 2. These guys surely know how to cherish friendship. I like!ehe

go ss501!!!! Baby Joon!!!!!!

(iii) Mino and Goo Hye Sun were filmed while getting an interview with the Japanese press at the Teddy Bear Museum in Mt. NamSan, Seoul on July 28 (oh!i remember Goong moment!! and BOF moment also.ehe)

Mino=Teddy Bear :D

few pics of Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun at ss501's concert
(Kim Joon couldn't attend the concert due to his commitment in musical performance called 'The March of Youth'

LMH upon arrival

Mino gets chubbier but cutie Bummy gets thinner (because of DREAM)

you can't separate multitalented Hye Sun from food.ehe

Mino is always tanner than his co-stars but I like!ehe

Reunion of Bummy,Mino & Hye Sun at Hyun Joong's concert (too bad Joon wasn't there)

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