Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Bestie's BIG DAY!

She's a medical student.She's a part-time driver.She's a friend.She's a big sister.She's a daughter.

And now, she's a WIFE!

Congrats to
Delima Radzwa Khairudin & Yusuf Ibrahim Warda

I wish them happiness & may Allah shower His blessing upon both of them. I feel sorry for not being there (Kamunting,Perak) at their nikah ceremony (on Friday evening) but I'm glad I could attend their wedding reception the next day.

p/s: I wonder when will I get married?hehe :P

extra 1:

The eye candy, Lee Min Ho was spotted at two fansigning ceremonies recently. As usual, he stole the spotlight.

his new style: mistaken button style

Argh..I'm hoping he could decide on his next project asap.I'm craving for his good work :)

stop looking at your fans like that Mino!!haha :D
extra 2:
few pics of cutie Kim Bum. credit to High Cut mag. btw, he's on a new project, called Dream with Son Dambi.I have a high expectation from him :D

ok,gtg. I need to sleep early
Tomorrow will be a long day for me


Cik Qinah said...

i also wonder when will u get married..cant wait...!!! huhu ;)

[ citapus ] said...

haha.thnx for wondering THAT!!ehe ;D

Abby said...

Confirm lepas aku (^__^)

[ citapus ] said...

eh.mane ko tawu abby.delima pon kawen mengejut,aku pon ade kemungkinan kawe mengejut.ehe.xdela.btol2.confirm lpas ko.bile?tu aku pon xtawu.haha