Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Knowledge is Virtue

I couldn't think any other title than this one. It may sound a bit tacky but it's nothing but the truth, knowledge is virtue.ehe. (Frankly speaking, my Jurisprudence lecturer kept repeating this phrase for few times in my class today, so it's kinda stuck in my head.ehe)

My new semester (and perhaps my last semester, InsyaAllah-God Willing) has begun since last Monday. I must say it was a tiring weekdays and thank God I don't have any class tomorrow.

my darlingssssssss

Living with Kinah & Ilham for a long time is a great comfort. After being physically and psychologically abused by classes and tutorials, at least I have them plus my de-facto roomates (Nab & Herda) because they know well how to have fun.ehe. Thinking that we are going to our separate ways in few months is actually unthinkable. Speaking of roomates, I have a new roomate (maybe 3 years younger than me; which makes me feel older.ehe). It's too early to know her true colour (well..I'm not judging) but I hope she can be a good roomate and we'll be able to get along well.

x miss him x

Just few hours ago Sheh asked me:
"Why didn't you mention about me in your blog?"
Later, I replied,
"Because you never mention my name in your blog"
I know I'm neither a really good gf (with moody character and a mountain of ego I have in me) nor an expressive gf. He should know it was only a joke. The real reason why I didn't mention about him much is because I prefer treating someone I love differently and it includes to not mention about him in the open often. I prefer keeping my loved one in the dark.ehehe. Trust me, love is always in the air. Eventhough at times we quarrelled like there's no tomorrow, but deep down in my heart, I appreciate his existence in my life very much. Having someone who can understand me better than anyone else makes him irreplaceable. So Mr Boyfriend, don't worry.
You're still the ONE :)

Mino extra:

a slender built Lee Min Ho with great smile
~a recap from a Japanese interview~
(the interview was made right after the casts of BOF has been confirmed)

he looks boyish and more like his age with this new hairdo
(after returned from China with Kim Joon for BOF promotion)

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