Sunday, July 26, 2009


I planned to update my blog yesterday but the wireless connection has deprived me from doing so. I felt like my freedom of expression was at stake.ehe. Luckily, the connection is fine today :)

Yes, I am breathless. Due to flu. WAIT! Don't jump into conclusion, it's only a mere flu and not Influenza A H1N1. I'd say it's a package; when you catch flu, cough and sore throat will come into picture. And that makes my condition even worse. Last Friday I had a client interview with my Professional Practice lecturer at 2.45pm (I do not have any class on Fridays but I had to go to Aikol because of the interview. Tertekan!). The interview was supposedly conducted for 15 minutes but I did for half an hour.ehe. This was my third client interview (with Madam) and I tried my very best eventhough I think there are few questions I missed out during the interview but it's okay. There will always be a second chance (a follow-up interview). Due to flu, I couldn't help but to hold the tissue throughout the interview. It was a very uncomfortable moment (plus, it's a client interview! My marks depend on my performance, so you can understand my situation). At the end of the interview, Madam said it was a good interview and she gave me a piece of advice;

"Nad (yes,she remembers my nickname better than my full name.ehe), avoid using OKAY too often. I know I used it a lot in my lectures but try to not use it too often. You can just nod to the answers given". Later she laughed.

Well, the real situation is like this; instead of nodding or smiling at the client after answering my questions, I replied with an OKAY few times and I even slipped my tongue and said AWESOME once.duhhhhhhhhhhhh..ehe. I can't recall giving the OKAY and AWESOME answers in any previous interview (I must be losing my mind at that time). But the point is I ended up doing a NO-NO reply to my client and eventhough it was done unintentionally but it may become a habit if she didn't point it out. Thank you Madam! I learnt my lesson.ehe

grrrrr....I can be naughtier.haha :D

Whenever I think of the word TRUGEN, I'd imagine the best pictures of Lee Min Ho. He did Etude, Pepsi, Anycall, Levis, Dunkin Donut, Cadillac etc but of all products, Trugen portrays him the best (No wonder he won the Best Male CF Model for Trugen last month). Few photos are already out in the open. And in order to avoid extra melting thingy on my part (hahaha), I limit myself to post only three of them :P

And this one is a pic taken for a magazine:

I think he lost weight after the surgery

As I mentioned in my previous post, Kim Bum is on a new project called DREAM with Son Dam Bi and the actor who starred in 200 Pounds Beauty (I don't know his name.ehe). If I'm not mistaken, Kim Bum will portray a new side of him; rebellious. I have a faith in his acting skill but I doubt Dam Bi's acting ability. Not all singers can act (unless you are Rain.ehe). But honestly, I'm looking forward to watch DREAM. Here is one official picture of DREAM just in case you are interested to watch it later (I'm not sure when it will begin; I'll update about it later)

once again, Dam Bi is lucky after Haptic Mission

As we are now in the second half of 2009, few new series will be out soon and it includes the My Fair Lady (formerly known as Lady Castle). Who's the lady?? It's one and only Yoon Eun Hye (she's cute and the most important thing is she can act!). Now, who are the actors? This is fun.ehe. Jung II Woo (Mino's BFF or if you are still wondering who he is, he starred in Iljimae Return and if you are still wondering, you can google his name.ehehe.simple). Another actor is Yoon Sang Hyun (star in Queen of Housewives.He looks old to me but I heard he's gained his fame after Queen of Housewives and for his look-alike Goo Joon Pyo's pama (i hate plagiarism) but I guess he's not popular enough for me to know him.ehe). The drama will premiere over KBS2TV on 19th August (Sheh's birthday?ehe)

a friend of mine said,"Mino has a way better look than his BFF!!"
Yeah of course, but his BFF is good looking too
(minus he looks lil' feminine to me; like Lee Jun Ki)

Friendship Moments!!
24hours are good enough when they are around :)

Ain & I

Herda & Kinah

Ena & Ilham

Ice Coffee Dunkin Donut CF

Entertainment Weekly Trugen Interview with Lee Min Ho

p/s: People, pray for my health. I hate running nose! Sekian, terima kasih :)
Have a wonderful Monday!!

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