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One Litre of Tears

New semester will begin in less than one week. As a matter of fact, this three-month break, so to speak, is the BEST MEDICINE for me. But truth be told, even after nearly three months, I'm still not ready for school!! And there's nothing to hide, I am an insatiable creature. Hardly to be pleased and satisfied.ehe. Well, it's okay. I'm going to enjoy that little bit of freedom that I'm having.

After this, I will begin the semester with determination, willingness to study smarter, and above all, I have to put my heart into it.ehe. Speaking of holidays, I made a checklist prior to it. It's like a new year resolution (eventhough I never had one.ehe). Among others are I must EAT right, DRINK lots of water, get ADEQUATE REST and EXERCISE because these are crucial in our lives. The questions are; Did I eat right?, Did I drink 8 glasses or 2 litres everyday?, Did I get adequate rest ie sleep? and Did I exercise?ehehe.

Hmm...I think I ate right; I ate mostly my mom's cooking and the good thing is I can count using my ten fingers how many times I had my fast food moments (it's difficult to find food in my uni that suit my appetite, so I'd normally end up eating unhealthy food or healthy food but cooked fast.haha). And because we are having fruits season in Malaysia, I had durians, rambutans, mangosteens etc almost everyday (full of vitamin C!!!I hope I'm not excessively eating them because we shouldn't take vitamin more than we are supposed to take. But I watched in a documentary programme that today's fruits contain less Vitamin C that they used to so we need to double up the intake.Justified!Enough said.ehe. I drank lots of water but I don't think I did up to 2 litres per day. Adequate rest??? Haha. Of course I did esp. sleep. People says there are two things in this world that can make us lazy. First is when we are overeating and secondly is when we are oversleeping.

(sleeping in the class)

Let me be frank, I'm a rather a sleepyhead than a food lover, so I fall into the second category.ehe. I watched ss501 in 7 episodes of Thanks For Wake Us Up (an old korean TV show; it aired in 2005/2006); and I found that Kim Hyun Joong and I have something in common ie WE ARE SLEEPYHEAD but I'm positive to say that I'm better than him because I can wake up (pretty much.ehe) easily.


EXERCISE?? It is always my problem. I was a sportmania when I was in primary and secondary schools. I represented schools for volleyball, netball, handball and softball (I played hockey sometimes). And in the pastime, I mountain-climbed with few friends just for fun (the highest mountain I ever climbed until its peak is the legendary Gunung Ledang in Johore.It's not that high but it's kinda dangerous to climb it and I did twice; firstly when I was 15 and secondly 16). The only game that I never interested in is BADMINTON!!. I still remember the hardest time I had in Mrsm; when I had to burn the midnight oil just to memorize everything related to badminton; its rules etc for my final exam. It was crazy!! Of all subjects, it's the first and last time I stayed up for the whole night without getting any sleep; just to understand what BADMINTON is. And thank God I passed.ehehehe. But, as I grow older, I became lazy (but I complain a lot about my figure.ehe) and now, I prefer doing some light cardio exercises eg. jogging and skipping. And that's what I was doing since the early of the holidays (eventhough there are times I couldn't get rid of my laziness). The good news is recently, I started dancing poco-poco (it's one kind of dance, I'm not sure about its originality but I think it's from Indonesia; maybe.ehe). Initially, my sister and I used a remix Indonesian song but later, we changed to the fast number songs eg. Super Junior's Sorry Sorry and Wonder Girls' Nobody .ehehe. I had fun doing it and at the same time, I exercised. That's what matters.ehe. So, the checklist is a success. Yeayy!!

I super heart holidays because I have more time to watch series!!ehe. Honestly, I prefer watching series than movies because I think each character develops effectively in series and the actors have opportunities to improvise their acting. That's what I thought.ehe. This holiday is filled with Japanese series (thanks to my supplier-my younger sister.I didn't spend any single penny to enjoy them.ehe). I watched Kurosagi, Code Blue, Dragonzakura, Proposal Daisakuen, Hotaru and the latest is 1 Litre of Tears.

It'll take some time to make a review for each series (ehe), but 1 Litre of Tears really brought me tears. This is an outdated series (if I'm not mistaken it's produced in 2005) but the fact that it's based on a true story, it's a really good series to share with. The main character in this series named Ikeuchi Aya (the real name of the deceased is Kitou Aya). She was only 15 years old when she's diagnosed to suffer from an incurable disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration Disease (SCD). Prior to knowing the disease, she was just like other girls; happy and active. SCD is described to be a cruel disease; she slowly lost her enjoyment of life; she couldn't walk, she couldn't speak properly etc. During her period of suffering, she wrote a diary (1 Litre of Tears) to express her pain and suffering that only she could feel. It's touching when she wrote,
"This disease, why did it choose me?". She then answered, "Fate. It cannot be put into words".

One episode to another (11 episodes altogether) and we can see there's one thing that kept her moving on and it was her spirit to live. She was lucky to be brought up in a normal and happy family; with parents, 2 younger sisters and one younger brother and I've seen them to be like First Aid Kit in her life. She moved on eventhough she's in pain when her boyfriend dumped her upon finding out her disease; she even had to transfer into a disability school which initially, she refused to go but she had a second thought after considering her friends' difficulties in helping her out in school. Watching 1 Litre of Tears is like watching the late Kitou Aya fighting her disease; every single day until she died. She fought it because she wanted to live. We can feel the pain when she wrote,
"My life is like a flower that hasn't bloomed yet";
and it makes me think that life is something we need to treasure and it's a waste if I don't. Her diary has been published in Japan and it is said to be a motivation to everyone until today. Eventhough she had hard time to write, she kept on trying because she believed that,
"This diary is evidence that I'm alive right now"

She died two years after I was born; May 23, 1988 (at that time she was 25). It's a sad true story and it made me realize that I want to live comfortably in this world and no matter what happen, I must be happy, not for others but for ME. And of course, I cried a lot while watching it. And a song titled 'Only Human' perfectly match with the series.

"To be able to smile, I have at least cried one litre of tears"- Kitou Aya

Thinking of Aya who had wonderful people around her, I'm thinking of mine. Like most people in school, I went around in a clique. It's four of us and we studied in the same school until we were 15. We met everyday, we spent our recess everyday, we even called each other everyday and many things we did together everyday. Unfortunately, things didn't turn up so well for us. Now it seems that only three of us are still keeping in touch with each other. I think this is what we call as growing up. There always a price to pay for a long lasting happiness. And people change; at least this is what I believe in. Although we are not seeing each other (3 of us) often like we used to, I'm glad we still are. As for me, BEST FRIENDS are not something that I can get rid of easily. If it's difficult for a friend, what more it takes for a best friend. Whenever they're upset or happy, I'd feel the same. Their friends are my friends and their enemies are my enemies. And of course, living as a teenager with three best friends who have different strong personalities, strength and weaknesses was a really memorable moment for me. We cried, we laughed and most of the time we laughed to the extent I felt we could die just by laughing. Trust me, it took us a long journey to have this kind of friendship. When one of my best friends called me about two months ago and said, "I'm getting married this July!!", I've been in an emotional rollercoaster ever since. It's for sure that I'm happy for her. Not just HAPPY but EXTREMELY HAPPY.ehehe. And until today, there is no word to describe how happy I am. We've gone through a lot together, and I'm happy when she's happy. I'm still looking for her wedding gift and I hope I'll find the perfect one, to suit her as MY PERFECT BEST FRIEND.

"A best friend is a VIP next to my family"

I love you Best Friend! And I will always DO.

Levis's Fansigning III

Mino's 'maybe the oldest fan'.ehe :D

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