Wednesday, January 20, 2010

186cm Lee Min Ho vs 185cm Rain

illustration only.hehe
(she's gorgeous right?)

I am expecting to watch more k-dramas in 2010 and
there are at least 3 dramas
I'd like to watch once they r premiered.hehe :D

#1. Of course my one & only Lee Min Ho's latest project namely; "Personal Taste @ Private Taste". And if there isn't any changes, the first episode is scheduled to be aired on March 31, 2010 *scream*. It is said to be composed of only 16 episodes (good.not too draggy;16 is just nice for me.hehe). I'm looking forward to watch a new side of LMH as Jun Ji Ho; a straight guy pretending to be gay. Can't wait to see him more and more with his improving acting skills. Maybe he cannot be as good as Lee Byung Hun but he's better than many actors out there *cough cough cough* and btw, he's young...only 23 this year as compared to 40-year old Byung Hun (why am I comparing with Byung Hun?I don't know. maybe bcos BOF & Iris garnered so much attention from drama-goers including me)

#2. "Daemool" (in English it means 'hotshot') is another anticipating drama and it will be starred by Bi (Rain). I'm not so sure abt the details, yet. But, Rain is one of my fav hallyu stars. I may detest his singing but I love his dance & acting. His dramas left me with a great expectation; more than his movies (maybe bcos I prefer dramas than movies) and Daemool is another drama I'm eyeing on this year.

#3. "Bad Guy" is a drama rumored to be starred by Lee Min Ho before the end of 2009 and it's reported that LMH actively considered to take part in the drama. But LMH chose Personal Taste instead; whch I think is a smart decision. Kim Nam-gil is going to star in "Bad Guy". I saw him few times in the red carpet, awards etc but I don't know much about him.

186cm Lee Min Ho vs 185cm Rain vs 184cm Kim Nam-gil

On top of all those competitions, one thing for sure; I'm rooting for "Personal Taste" !!

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