Saturday, January 16, 2010


LMH is known among his fans as someone who keeps changing his hairdo frequently. Thanks to his stylists anyway. Referring to his photos taken by the fans; amateur and professional photographers, I hope his hairdo in his next project, Personal Taste will be a hit & one of his charms just like pama (perm-haired) in BOF.

Peeps, Let's pictures speak!!
Justify Full
#1. His hairdos before Goo Joon Pyo phenomenon;
He looks younger, fresh, quite a player in these pics but I LIKE!hehe

#2. His hairdos at the Awards;
Baeksang Award 2009, Broadcasting Advertisement Festival 2009 & KBS Drama Award 2009

#3. His hairdos in the CFs, photoshoots, Fanmeeting etc;
Personally, I like all his hairdos but I prefer those which do not cover up his forehead esp. the one in Haptic Mission photoshoot (the one whch he holds a handphone).gagagaga~

#4. His daily hairdo;
he's just our boy next door. Normal & Simple.hehe :)

#5. But, of all hairdos; I think I still love pama most!! And I still think he is the only guy who can pull off pama well; esp. compared to Yoon Sang Hyun & Top BigBang in one scene of IRIS (not bcos I don't like 'em; I lykkee TOP!!hehe)

“I apologize for the long wait. I think my strong desire to bring better acting made me wait even longer. I promise to return as an actor who is more mature and experienced for the viewers.” - Lee Min Ho's official statement after revealing his next project :D

It'd be great if I have to count days and not months; to see his acting again!
But, I'm sure it's worth-waiting!!!


As soon as I came to know about the Personal Taste,
I wrote abt it on fb on Jan 11 (excited maaa...hehe)

My current desktop wallie
(classic look of Mino)!!!

super extra
vid Mino won the Best Newcomer @ KBS Drama Award 2009


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