Friday, February 6, 2009

happy Weekend!

the recaps for this whole weekdays :
  • 2/2/09-i forgot to bring the brown file to be submitted together with the Professional Practice legal research but thnx to Hafiq for getting me one.i owe u hafiq!
  • 3/2/09-i (almost) entered into gents in Aikol!lucky enough,Ena shouted at me before i stepped into it.phew~

  • 4/2/09-spending almost 3 hours watching Boys Before Flowers (ep9 & 10).of course i was melting.haha ;D
  • 5/2/09-my bf and i went for a drive (after the class) with a sole intention-to buy the Jason Mraz's tix.We went to Cheras Leisure Mall,Midvalley & the Curve but we failed to get ours cos the Rock Corner which supposedly selling the tix was closed for a day(and why must it be 5/2/09?).
  • then we went to the Ichiban Ramen(japanese restaurant at the Curve) but one staff told us they were closing(it was 920pm),then we walked to IKEA;hoping that we could have the delicious meatballs and turned out to be the same.they were CLOSING!(935pm).Sheh was craving for fresh fish,so we went back to the Curve n went straight to the Manhattan Fish Market(the waiter said only grilled dishes were available..arghhh!!).i started having headache while Sheh was starving(kesian dea..hihi).we told ourselves,it's ok.we can have,we had our dinner-supper at A&W(hmm..)
  • 6/2/09-civil procedure (CP) mass lecture was a mess!!1st-the time (from 5pm-630pm).2nd-the lecturer.hmmm..i dont want to explain further..dpt dosa je nnt.hihi ;D
  • 7/2/09-its kinda relieved when weekend comes.BECAUSE there is no class(of course).no yawning(we can get up late!).no 1 hour brunch(breakfast+lunch).no burden on the shoulder(the law books,statutes are killing me!).n no stress(!!!).haha :D
  • btw, hows my blog?is it better?i customized it;to show the brighter side of ME.i still can't get enough of Lee Min-ho & Boys before flowers (it's not my fault!haha ;D)

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