Friday, February 20, 2009

thank God it's already Friday.i have to make benefit of this weekends.prepare for PIL assignment,correct CP & PP draftings & revise for tests.enough.i should avoid complaining too much on my workloads.hehe :D

btw,i came across an article in the Star few weeks talked about 1st Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon which will be held from 19 - 22 March.soon!i'm not so sure whether it is only a sort of exhibition but i'm dying to fly!! it's one of my dreams-to be on the balloon..wahhh!!(da stat berangan da).haha :D here's the web..u can take a look

those balloons are beautiful right?can't wait to see them flying in Malaysia.uhu.

and speaking of series,i can't recall the last time i watched prison break & gossip girl.i must say the korean series are giving greater impact on me..hihi.Lee Min Ho, the star in BBF is one in a million & since the 1st episode,his fame is increasing & i'm sure his pocket is getting thicker..ehe.bcos as far as i know,he's now endorsed by many top companies-Levis,LG Celcom (among others). he should be grateful to be chosen as a part & parcel of BFF & i'm glad someone who is so talented & good looking (obviously!) has achieved something after few years trying hard to reach at this level. 축하 Lee Min Ho!- the Hangul means congratulation..i looked up on google :)



Sarah CJ said...

Wahai nad, izinkan gue mencopy cerita korea anda ... saye pun kipas susah mati gakkkk

[ citapus ] said...

copy?aku ngk on9 la..ade yg da d/l tp lom ade eng sub.