Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's already Sunday. 5.14am.

I can't stop thinking of a pair of gladiators I saw at the mall yesterday. It's denim-made; about 1/1 and half inches heels. I didn't buy them yesterday because it wasn't on my list (tried to be strict with list-to-buy thingy.hehe). But, when I said I love it, it means I really do.huhu. Those who have known me for a long time must know me very well.haha.

I can imagine myself wearing 'em with jeans & t-shirt. NICE!hehe :p

whatever Nad!lol

It's semester break and my younger sisters & brother (one & only) are at home. Thus, whenever I'm not busy I try to hang out with them; at coffee house mostly.hehe. Come to Kluang and you'll surely find more-than-you-can-imagine coffee houses here (including the famous
Kluang Railway Station

p/s: my bro is not in these pics
(he & camera can't get along well.hehe)

I did some window-shopping yesterday, surveying high quality digital cameras. planning to buy DSLR.huhu. Oh. don't ask me about my lomo cam. I still have it (of course!if not Sheh will kill me..hehe). Didn't have ample time to properly learn how to use it (lomo cam is great but it seems quite technical...but maybe because i'm somehow a complicated creature, so i prefer complicated things too.hehehe). I'm thinking of investing on Lumix (Panasonic)/Nikon. Other brands are out of my list.hee :p

my lomo

Mino has been quite silent since PT ended. But I know what he's doing.hehe. Most probably he's practising his singing skills/magician thingy for his 2nd Minoz Meeting (on June 20,2010 if I'm not mistaken). I wish I could attend the fanmeeting; I wish Korea is just next to Malaysia; and most important thing is that I wish Korean currency-won is not much different from Malaysian currency-Ringgit (say: in my DREAM!hahaha). I always wondered in what year am I able to visit
take note:
Mino's birthday is on June 22, 2010 just in case Minoz doesn't know (which I think it's impossible.hehe).

i miss him. I really do :(


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