Monday, June 14, 2010


LEE MIN HO! hahaha :D

I can't think wisely right now; brought works to home; and am still trying to complete
the task by tonight.huhu

Who says chambering is easy? Who says chambering students only make coffee/tea for their masters? Who say so? wrong. It's never been a single day in my 4 months of chambering that I had to make coffee/tea for my master. NEVER. well.probably it depends on how your master treats

Working alone (at home) is damn BORING. and being me,
I'm really good at multi-tasking.haha. Surfing latest news of Mino, Big Bang and CN Blue is really not a bad idea.

oh Mino. how I miss you so much.

These pics make me feel lil bit jealous of Son Ye Jin but who can blame her???haha. A very good looking guy was in front of her; and if I were her, I would cling over Mino 24/7.heee :p

Love these expressions of his. I only uploaded random pics; you probably can imagine
tonnes of Mino's pics in my possession. It's overloaded!!!

love when he looks up like this.hee

he can surely be a loving daddy.hikhik

hmm.need to end this; my report is still pending.hehe

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