Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Bye

Today would be the last time I'm writing in this blog.

I started in 2008 and among the earliest readers were my close friends, Sakinah, Nabilah and Herda. They are among the greatest friends I ever had; as I went through days in IIUM without having fear to be back-stabbed and badmouthed.

They know me really well as how I lived my days in my room; with my lappy which most of the contents are the latest k-dramas & kpop songs. and regardless all the liking for the kpop world, I still have my eyes for Gossip Girls, Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, Brothers & Sisters and many good English movies.

This blog is like my own diary (although I don't have one so far!) Many blog readers would stop by and read most of the posts, mostly on Lee Min Ho and I thank you for that. Today, the visitors counter reads 26507 (maybe for many, the numbers look small but they are meaningful numbers actually) and honestly, every time I saw the numbers keep increasing, it gave me spirit to go on writing stuffs.

Unfortunately, the fun of writing in this blog comes to an END, for few complicated reasons. However, I will keep writing but in another blog which is still under construction.

I prefer my blog-to-be to be published publicly instead of privately as I don't intend to make mine a personal blog, but rather an entertainment blog. Thus, if you accidentally find this blog and you like the contents, and you'd like to read similar blog posts esp. on Lee Min Ho & SHINee, feel free to email me at for the link :)

For my blog-followers, I will pm you in a near future,
once I finish doing all the touch-up in my newly-born blog.hee.

Have Fun peeps!! and Thank you for READING :)

"This world of hypocrisy is painfully disgusting and because of this, I trust NO ONE" - Nadzirah Ramlee

I dedicated this song, ONE by SHINee for all of you. I love this song!!!!!

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herda harun said...

tak sabar nak tgk blog baru ko