Monday, March 30, 2009 min ho

alhamdulillah.i managed to complete my cpc assignment earlier (as i planned) which is scheduled to be submitted by 1st April.

i dun hv cls today which is great.ehe. but right now i'm in Aikol, printing my assignment.

the korean drama of the year Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers will end tomorrow (i'm'll end on time b4 my exam..uhu). i started writing abt the drama since Jan 17.the 1st time i watched the drama,i already fell in love with it (its the best version so far!)esp. Lee Min Ho (duhh..ehe). Lee Min Ho's acting was great for someone at his age (22/23 korean age) and as a proof, he won the Best New Actor in 45th Baeksang Award. the drama gained so much attention from the media,fans & critics (i think the last korean drama has ever received such attention (less than BOF i think) was Fullhouse).

i'm not sure whether this korean version of Hana Yori Dango will end happily or not but from the relevant sources,it's going to have a happy ending and the following pic is a part of the ending.

Joon Pyo & Jandi...a proposal?

my exam will start on April 5 and end on April 16. i hv lots to revise and i really need to start revising from today!


Lord Fiqo said...

korean freak~

i pun suke takut addicted sgt. kekeke

[ citapus ] said...

ehe.yess..i think i shud include in my future resume-korea freak.ehe.kalo u takot addicted,jgn ngk slalu..i ni sme cte i fav channel is #303 home,my family hs to compromise with me.all the time.ehe