Friday, October 9, 2009

It's unbearable to have a feeling of missing someone

I think it is normal to have a feeling of longing for someone. Be it man or woman, this is one of natural feelings that we may experience.

Yesterday, one of my good friends asked me while we were having brunch, "Nad, when was the last time you met Sheh (my bf)?". I replied, "Nearly one and half month.Why?"; as I wondered why she posed that kind of question. She mumbled to herself, "That long? I haven't met my bf for one week and I thought I could die missing him". Then our conversation went on as I explained to her, "I had to as we have our own things and interests".

The conversation on the boyfriend thingy was short but it was enough to make me feel, "I do miss my bf, we love each other dearly but we cannot be clingy forever, 24/7". That's what I thought. It is a lie if I say I don't miss him. I miss him, everyday and I once told him that I could miss him even when he's with me; when he asked me whether I did miss him or not. Come on! Of course I miss him everyday, if not I won't be this loyal for almost 5 years.hehe.

True, and very true that I hate seeing myself to be too dependent on my other half and that's why I always remind myself to keep my womanly pride in its rightful position. Sometimes we did quarrel (sometimes? no...quite often.hehe) due to my egoistic nature (that is one devilish side of me. can't help it.phew~) but after a while, we reconciled and started laughing & making fun of each other.

The longer we are having this relationship,
the deeper the magic word LOVE goes in
and the more often we argue,
the more realistic couple we have become.

Whatever it is, it's unbearable to have a feeling of missing someone. I salute those in long-distance relationships, they make love sounds epic.hehe. One thing for sure, I believe that as long as my other half trusts me and I trust him, if it takes even years to see each other, we would definitely make it :)

It's rare to see me talking about this lovey-dovey thing but I feel relieved after writing this :)

You're Beautiful

I know you are.hehe. But, what I meant by You're Beautiful here is one brand new series and it's already premiered few days ago (2 episodes already). I have a good feeling about this drama; I think it could be one of my fav dramas for this year (perhaps, after BOF and Brilliant Legacy.hehe). You're Beautiful's casts are Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki of FT Island, Jung Yong Hwa and UEE of Afterschool.

Honestly, I'm eyeing on Jang Geun Suk (haha); he's 1987er just like Mino and it goes without saying that he's one of Korean pretty boys (except in this drama, I loathe his clothes as they look less masculine; maybe it's just the concept of the drama).

Hongki of FT Island is a wonderful lead singer
and I love his voice, but when it comes to acting, I'm not sure.

of course I know Park Shin Hye (I mentioned about her indirectly in my previous entries; remember the girl in Etude House CF with Mino? This is the girl.hehe). All I can say about her is that her tomboyish look suits her and it reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince.

I don't know Yong Hwa at all, he looks unfamiliar to me
but I'm looking forward to watch his acting as well.

i wish i can start watching You're Beautiful asap
But, for the time being, completing all workloads is my main concern now


Mino in Gimpo Airport
thank you for the POUT! *melting*

In Pusan International Film Festival red carpet.
As usual, he looks good in everything. Love him!
Plus, luckily he didn't trip this time (if only you get me.hehe)

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