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Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste look's popularity

I have nothing to complain about his acting (seriously!!). Just like he did in Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho carried character of Jun Jin Ho, a young & ambitious architect perfectly! I'm not saying this because I do love him as a fan but he IS a great actor! with a very good looking face; slim, tall (187cm) and well-built body. Forget about Lee Byung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo, Seung Sung Hun, Won Bin (only name few)!!! They are old enough to be your dad/uncle.hehe. It's the right time to find a young k-actor that can ACT, SING (Mino has two singles i.e. Extreme & You're my Everything! Don't you know?hehe) and is warm with his fans :)

I watched somewhere...a fan said something like this, "Being someone's fan is energizing my days!" and you know what, I feel the same too. When I feel down, tired & when I feel the whole world is against me, and then I look up on the net & find out latest news of Mino, it really brightened up my gloomy days! So, I definitely don't care if people says it's such an obsession liking one person that MUCH! It's not that I make you a BURDEN!haha. If you don't know what the feeling is like, stop talking nonsense! opps.well...all of sudden I'm getting emo here.hikhik.Sorry peeps.

Speaking of Jun Jin Ho in Personal Taste, I'm in love with his fashion sense. Suitable with LMH's tall & slim body, while acting as an architect, Lee Min Ho (Jun Jin Ho) never fails to attract female & even male viewers! If in the BOF days, he became a pioneer with his pama (permed-haired look) and now, Jun Jin Ho's spring look is definitely an It thing in Korea! There are many articles popped out since 31/3 which talked about Jun Jin Ho's fashion sense. And being generous today (hehe), I'd like to re-post an article regarding the It style :D

p/s: thr's a great deal of fashion tips also :P

[It style] Lee Min ho -- The flower is blooming

Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste look's popularity

Lee Min Ho, the charismatic character in "Boys Over Flowers" has returned. His comeback drama is MBC's Personal Taste where he plays Jun Jin Ho, an architect who owns an architectural firm and displays a 'dandy guy' image
which is attracting a lot of attention from female viewers.

His style is such that he is mistaken to be a homosexual in the drama. It's not a cute and sleek look that's usually favored by female viewers, instead it is a simple and liberating 'business-look' that even male viewers can't help but want to follow the fashion sense.

Stylist Jung Hyesun (fyi, this stylist is close to Mino...he's known among Mino's fans as Mino's stylist unnie.hehe) is the one in charge of Lee Minho's fashion in the drama. She's going for a style where it will easily fit anyone and doesn't need too much time attending to. She also chose pastel colors in line with spring, and hardly used any accessories.
She explains that the main point is the 'slim suit-look'.

About 90% of the clothes that Lee Minho wore both for "Boys over flowers" and "Personal Taste" are custom made. His stylist said that there are not enough sponsored clothes suitable for the role he's playing that fit him well because he's tall and slim. Roughly 20 to 30 million won (USD 20 - 30 thousand) has been set aside to manufacture the clothes for him.

Many guys are starting to become interested in Lee Min ho's business-look. Instead of looking sophisticated and dazzling, the simple well-fitted suit has garnered a lot of interest.
A thin T-shirt and cardigan can be worn inside the jacket.
When the jacket is removed, it creates a gentle yet edgy look.

1. If one wishes to enhance the look, a patterned cardigan or a scarf would complete it.

2. Ankle length off a 'soft' image
Guys tend to resist wearing ankle length pants at first glance since they are worried that it would appear feminine. Actually, when the drama aired its first episode, quite a lot of viewers were shocked when they saw Min Ho's fashion in the drama. However, Lee Min Ho's long legs brought about a different sensation to the unfamiliar fashion style. The ankle length pants is more comfortable for moving around, matches a city-job feel, without the weariness of a semi-formal attire. It's easy to mix and match with different styles,
creating a hot trend for the new generation.

3. Sneakers... Say NO to socks!
Although Lee Min Ho's wearing suits, he's not wearing leather shoes. He's going for loafers and sneakers that matches well with the ankle length pants. The point is to not wear socks when wearing sneakers. The "sanuk" brand costs 50 thousand won (USD$50).


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skirtenbela said...

we have the same feeling about idolizing lee min ho, whenever i feel lonely & stress all i do is to surf the net check his twitter, take a look in his picture and videos that makes my night so complete. he means a lot to me. i don't know if this is obsession but what matters most is he makes me happy.