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"That guy is GAY!"

"Personal Taste" by Lee Sae In (이새인)

This is actually my 1st entry after watching 개인의 취향 aka Personal Taste ep. 1 & 2 (which began since last 31/3) and I'll briefly comment on the character & storyline itself without revealing it too much bcos I know it may kill your desire to watch it later (peeps, I promise..hehe).

*i promise*

The debut episode started with a simple yet understandable introduction. As I read in the novel blog post, Jun Jin Ho lives in urban, well-organized & luxurious house together with his Mom while Park Gae-In lives in a traditional house (I cant remember the name..yes!the house has a name; just like Fullhouse.hehe). Gae-In's house is quite pretty & I must say unique but due to its messy (and odd) owner i.e Park Gae-In, it becomes a bit OFF.

Jin Ho's organized wardrobe

pampered by his Mom

Gae-In's messy house cum workshop

In ep. 1, I found the bus scene hilarious! As well as the lift scene & hotel scene.haha. I cannot blame Gae-In for misinterpreted Jin Ho as a gay because if I were her, I might come to the same conclusion.ehehe. The drama makes the novel storyline looking relevant & rational and the most important thing, it can be quite REAL sometimes.

Jin Ho woke up next to a GIRL!haha
who is she? You need to find out yourself!

hilarious lift scene between Jun Jin Ho & his BFF,
actor Jung Sung Hwa

I'm not a person who simply like/love someone for his good look! I'm just not that kind of person. fyi, honestly, if Lee Min Ho is just a very good looking man without anything else, I won't like him this much.haha. Frankly speaking, I love watching him on & off screen & that liking goes on until today. Personal Taste is a drama I anticipated since end of 2009 and I really hope it goes well in term of its rating (bcos K-Dramas concern so much on viewer-ratings) & its success.

So far, Lee Min Ho pulled off character of Jun Jin Ho brilliantly; more than I expected (bcos I read the novel so I tend to compare the novel & the BAD.huhu). He acted himself as a cheeky, smart, firm with his decision & rough personality (but not as rough as Goo Joon Pyo!) as he at the same time shows his warm personality. Why I say so? Watch it & you'll know :D

the chemistry btwn Mino & Sung Hwa is surprisingly cool!
and one thing for sure, Sung Hwa is a great actor!
what a funny guy he is.hehe

In ep. 2, I could see the ultimate reasons why Jin Ho desperately wanted to move into Gae-In's house & why Gae-In agreed to let him move into her house. Bear in mind that this is not a noona-dongseng relationship because in this drama, Jin Ho is older than Gae-In (I think he's 2 years older than Gae-In). Love the part when Jin Ho was surprised by Gae-In's ghostly appearance with a saw in her hands.haha. But what made me laughed hardly is when Jin Ho overheard Gae-In said to In Hye that "that guy is GAY" and it obviously referred to Jun Jin Ho.hehe. Don't forget to watch his facial expression ok!hehe

Gae-In's imagination of having a gay friend is so hilarious!

*perfect angle*
who can blame him?

Jin Ho's happy reaction after Gae-In agreed to have him
as her housemate..hehe

hahaha. everytime I recall this scene..I'd laugh!
Gae-In gave Jin Ho a big welcome with chain saw
and her ghostly look!

I must say that I do think Jun Jin Ho & Lee Min Ho have something in common. Jin Ho is supposedly to be cheeky, bit mean & ambitious (and I'm talking abt Jin Ho's cheekiness) which is similar with Lee Min Ho's real character.hehe. It's like watching Lee Min Ho per se sometimes & I really love it bcos it visually looks REAL as if Mino isn't acting but being HIMSELF.hehe.

From a SWAN, she turned into a DUCK.

Son Ye Jin on the other is without a doubt, a very good actress. Whatever dramas/films she took part, the outcome would always be extraordinary! She's known as A-list actress in Korea & taking up character of Park Gae-In is a smart choice for someone who loves challenges. I can't wait to see how the relationship between Gae-In & Jin Ho progressing and I'm expecting this drama to be the funniest drama in 2010. Fullhouse is my all-time FAV k-drama but I really hope I will not see Fullhouse-ish scenes in Personal Taste. A bit of it is OK.hehe

To be continued ...

p/s: I only comment on few characters; will comment on others later...

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