Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blind/the Lifehouse

I mentioned in earlier entry that I broke my glasses; so I went to an optical shop.

phew~ I hate when my power keeps increasing and honestly, I'm uncomfortable with it. so, I drank carrots, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries drinks and whatever berries exist in this world as much as I can afford to drink.

I stayed away from my beloved lappy for days; not that I thought it would decrease my power but idk, maybe it's the psychology that I have gotten since few days ago.hee.

and speaking of short-sightedness (myopia) , there are three kinds of treatments that I'm sure almost everyone is aware of. first, it can be corrected by wearing glasses. 2nd, by wearing contact lens and the last one would be by undergoing surgery. I'm opting for 1st and 2nd options; I began to wear glasses since 16 and lens since 18. I used to prefer wearing lens than glasses; because I found the latter more troublesome. but as time flies, and due to the long hours of wearing it (that I am now working from 9 to 6) I think wearing the latter is much convenient . so, am kinda lost when I broke mine few weeks ago. phew~ new glasses are ready to wear; and as I mentioned earlier I chose brownish this time instead of black :D

I have a plan to get the third treatment (surgery) i.e. Lasik surgery. all I need is to get enough money to splurge because the more money I get the more stingy I become.haha :p

i miss him! and that's why I'm in front of my lappy right now.hee. he's still resting; not much updates about him these days except for few photos he shared in me2day, his funny and witty replies in UFO and a recent photo of him and an actress (Kim Ji Yeon/'Ginger' in BOF) in a restaurant. I'm still wondering why he's dining with her? *curious*

haha. this gif from SHINee's Hello Baby
we all know you are Jonghyun of SHINee!! :D

oh yeah, it's february! or should I call it the month of wedding dresses?huhu.

today (5th feb) I'll be attending my high school senior (Stk & Mrsm Muar) & also a good friend of mine, Abu Samah Ibrahim aka Apex's wedding. he is now husband to kak Shela (also my senior.hee). he's marrying his former classmate (in Stk), had a crush on her for so long but never confessed until few years after SPM. well, even a Casanova knows how to be loyal.haha. just kidding Apex! have fun in yr married life! we did talk about what wedding gifts should we give to each other; am sorry I cannot give you water bed! it's too expensive!!!

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