Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are Jungle Fish

Idk tonight would be the last episode of Jungle Fish 2 (on kbs world)
I didn't expect it to end this early (only 8 eps) :(

as I mentioned in prev. post, this is a drama which boldly criticized this real world. it's a real drama; not a drama which only portrayed the rich and the poor, the beauty and the beast. it's closer to my heart than most of latest k-dramas out there. i highly recommend this one. feel free to try watching it. you'll be reminded how hard you have tried to obtain an A; how stressful you were/are when you couldn't/can't answer the most difficult add maths questions and how hard for you to balance between studies and 1st love. and let's value FRIENDSHIP like Hyo-An, Hosu, Yul, Bawu, Gongji and Ra-yi :)

::moral of the story: don't ever give up! and pls DO NOT commit suicide:::

Jungle Fish 2 trailer

super extra

it's been a while since I last uploaded his photo.hee :D

he's still uri Mino and I'm still a proud Minoz.hee. don't worry. Mino is looking cool with Trugen outfit as always; isn't he? :D anticipating his comeback in May. few months to go but am sure there'll be lots of news, updates and spoilers soon. he's Lee Min Ho after all. everyone wants a piece of him.kekeke :p

and not to forget, shining SHINee!!

my babies (with shocking faces) are endorsing Maypole :)
oh! i miss jjong! come back pali! hope he'll be able to dance asap!

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