Sunday, February 20, 2011

i'm happy at the mention of him

from the 1st time i saw them performing, i know there's something about him.

for the records, i can easily fall for great voices. and i wished i can marry someone who can sing well, at least for me.haha. but DREAM ON nad!hee. i never dated guys who can sing well.haha.
i think it's my fate; reality is definitely reality :D

kim jonghyun has a unique voice that melted my heart since the 1st time I listened to SHINee's songs. onew's voice is sweet and very pleasant to hear but jjong's is something that I can't find anywhere else. it's got to be HIM and no one but him.hee. he's always been listed for one of the best male idols' voice in korea and recently he's been listed #6 on the list.

1. SG Wannabe's JinHo
2. 2NE1′s Park Bom
3. SS501′s YoungSaeng
4. DBSK's JunSu
5. 2PM's JunSu
6. SHINee's Jonghyun
7. 2AM's JoKwon
8. 4Minute's GaYoon
9. Super Junior K.R.Y.
10. f(x)'s Luna

but I personally think, jjong should be at #1.hee :D

this post is full of jjong's bias; as i have lots to share.

this one from SHINee's latest interview during the Maypole photo shoots
I waited for weeks for this interview to broadcast. finally! *phew*



they are cute as pies! i love seeing them together.
jjong is seen to be wearing the leg brace; the interview took place after jjong's surgery


regardless whether shawols are Blingers or not, most shawols are missing jjong like I am :(
rest well jjong; really miss your dance moves!


shin sekyung is as popular as jjong
esp. when the news about them dating were made public. i have the feeling that shawols are beginning to accept their relationship unlike when the news were 1st revealed, it was really haywire at that time. aigoo! and speaking of jongkyung, i hate reading comments on the possibility that they are not actually dating but only covering up for the conflict btwn JYJ & SM entertainment. i think that is the most ridiculous speculation that ever came out in the k-pop world. are they trying to say that whatever had been said by jjong in SHINee Hello Baby (which was aired in the last midyear) is just a well-planned scandal?

fyi, jjong had mentioned shin sekyung few times in Hello Baby; not to mention that he also mentioned in a radio show,
"shin sekyung is MINE".

knowing him, he's neither a kind that will lie to your face nor behind your back!
he's bold but very sensitive and caring. he has a manly yet playboy character but he's very consistent when it comes to his ideal girl.

so stop bashing shin sekyung & kim jonghyun

jjong is asking baby yoogeun whether he likes shin sekyung.haha :p

playful appa who likes skinship.haha :D

SHINee must be busy getting ready for their Japanese debut in March
hope to see jjong with the rest SHINee members asap!!

lee jinki. kim jonghyun. kim kibum.
choi minho. lee taemin

"hope to meet you someday"

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