Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream High vs Jungle Fish 2

one of my former high school teachers once said;
"if you have anything to do during your student's life, just do it as long as it doesn't break school's regulations and laws. just do it, because you can't turn back time once you leave the high school"

these are two k-dramas that I'm watching. both dramas talk about the students' journey.

am not going to write a review on these k-dramas because they haven't finished yet. and i'm still enjoying myself watching both. thank God the former airs every Mondays and Tuesdays while the latter on weekends.

i like Dream High because it has a "Step Up" feeling; you can see one student's dancing while another singing. it's a great view to watch. it's not a musical drama!! that is one thing for sure. because I'm not a fan of musical dramas; just like Glee etc.

and speaking of drama, I can't avoid from mentioning about the cast. it's starred by 2pm's Taecyeon, Miss A's Suzy, 2pm's Wooyoung, T-Ara's Eunjung, IU - oh! i always love her singing!!!!!I used to think that she's around my age, maybe because I've seen her for so long even b4 her official debut esp. in kbs's The Star Golden Bell but only last year I know her real age. omaigod! she's much2 younger than I am.haha. what a surprise. she has a very nice singing chords for her age! and of course, my favourite star in Dream High, Kim Soohyun!hee. he's cute. this is my 1st time seeing him on small screen and I think he's not bad. I have to say that Taecyeon does best in term of acting but there's something about Soohyun's character that makes me liking him better. sorry Taecyeon!hee :)

I can't deny that the Dream High has better visual appearances. HOWEVER! I like Jungle Fish 2 better. I'm a person who likes something that can relate to myself. Jungle Fish 2 is a k-drama that speaks out about how stressful students' lives can be; how stupid teenagers can become and to what extent students can overcome problems emotionally and physically. Idk if others liking this drama as much as I do, but this is one of the best dramas which boldly portrays students' lives. it criticizes teachers who are always with the top students; but abandon the weak ones. this is a drama that never fails to move me to TEARS. it breaks my heart every time I watched each episode. not because I did feel the same like the character but I used to be a teenager; full with dreams and anticipation; there were always ups and downs at schools and most important thing, it is very much conveying the value of friendship. tell me now, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS K-DRAMA? there are only two people I know from the beginning of this drama; one is MBLaq's Lee Joon and T-Ara's Jiyeon, unlike in Dream High (btw, my fav actor would be Hong Jong Hyun. he's good!) but I guess this is the power of great scripts, plots and acting skills. keep up the good work Jungle Fish 2! I tried to google about it but I found less than I expected; or in other words I guess it's not receiving good ratings. but it's OK! I like Worlds Within (starred by on & off-screen couple; Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo) while the drama didn't obtain good ratings. I guess this is how the 'real' dramas would end up. the good dramas get thrown away while the popular ones get praised.

i remember there's one part in SHINee's Hello Baby when Kim Jonghyun said; something like this (I cant recall the exact phrase);

What's wrong with the world that only CARES about cute things?

I can't deny that I also agree with him.

please come back jjong; I can't wait to see you again!
playnow: Quasimodo/SHINee
the beautiful song reminds me of this Are you Gossip-Worthy's original name; I used to name it Quasimodo

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tubigs1 said...

i also love jungle fish 2, each episode brought me to tears. dream high was popular cause of the hype it got but anyways I LOVE JUNGLE FISH 2