Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Basics

Last Wed, I went to Uni to settle my clearance (legal, security, finance, library & hostel) and Alhamdulillah, clearance went well. Obtained my release letter after waiting for almost 2 months.finally...ahuks. Going to KL without meeting my fav persons would be incomplete. Kinah, Herda & Ilham, thanks for your TIME. Love every seconds we spent together!! And girls, just let you to know that I love you!!

This year is my first working year (my experience as a part-timer in Pizza Hut while waiting for SPM result doesn't count); I will begin my pupilage for 9 months & InsyaAllah afterwards I will stick to my since-primary-school dream; to be a practising LAWYER. So peeps, wish me best of luck. It's time to make MONEY & experience a grown-up-career woman thingy.hehe. Are You Gossip-Worthy? is my all-time treasure, I won't leave it no matter busy I will be. For those who wish to start a new thing or life, GOOD LUCK!!

p/s: miss him...miss him :(

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