Sunday, October 31, 2010

the HEADACHE begins (again!)

I may complete my pupilage period this coming 9th Nov. good thing huh? I know.hehe. But, without saying it also means I have to deal with all the headache (from filing Form 6,7 & 8).

My master & senior lawyers said the same thing; they never experienced this kind of hardship. good for them :(

before headache, heartache, running & worrying begins;
meeting him is the best I could do

The Takers is NICE! but i really think Hayden Christensen shouldn't be one of the actors. Bear in mind, good look is not everything.

happy WORKING! :)

and Happy Deepavali!!


najlaa haridan said...

congrats nad. am happy for you. aku lambat lagi.. end of nov. =(

[ citapus ] said...

thanks laa... end of nov tu xdela lmbt mane.anyway, best of luck! :)

najlaa haridan said...

hihii. thanks nad. long call nnt bgtau ar.. bley aku pi jalan2 kat johor. :)