Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the OWL me :P

my October wallie :)
check out: fb-ing, d/l-ing & listening to Maher Zain

ok. let's admit. am BORED to death. *phew*
trying to catch up everything I'd missed out.

Baker King aka Kim Takgu already finished in Korea but it's 29th episode on tonight's show at KBS World. tomorrow will be the finale. how sad can it be?? great drama; i love every single of it! Gu Majun and of course uri good boy, Kim Takgu. 30 episodes altogether; it means almost 4 months I waited patiently for Weds and Thurs just to watch the drama. hope to see more great k-dramas in future (esp. uri Lee Min Ho in City Hunter!hehe)

my body is aching; my eyes are getting sleepy but my fingers can't stop working. otokei?

p/s: craving for Ichiban Ramen :(
i wish Kluang has Ichiban Ramen(japanese food) or
Seoul Garden (korean food) but am I asking for too much? abaikan

Good Nite! till then ...

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