Saturday, October 9, 2010

my BIG day!!

it's been almost 1 month??? OH-EM-GEE!!!!! Time really flies huh?
well, even you and I know this is only for fun.hehe.

After Raya fest, I've been busy serving at Legal Aid Centre in Jb. It is one of the requirements that I need to fulfil to complete my chambering. involves lots of works, services, programmes and I must say; patience. Though, I (always) complained about my chambering but I can't believe I have another (less than) a month to finish what I have started since last February. It's really nerve-wrecking to start chambering at first; because I wasn't sure what kind of environment I need to live in for 9 months and what kind of persons/staffs I would deal with for 9 months (esp. Master) but Alhamdulillah; things are getting better day by day. I don't want to comment or elaborate on whether I will stay or not; just leave it to Allah s.w.t. HE knows better. and one more thing, I don't mind working in a small town like Kluang. I'm okay with it. Who knows, I might learn more than anyone in KL. Not that I abhor working in KL but I do prefer Jb (or Kluang) than KL. and one thing for sure, I really think my mother needs a company at home (other than my dad!).hihi :D

3rd October 2010/24 Syawal 1431H marked a remarkable day in my life. I was conferred degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and am proud to say that I'm glad I studied laws in International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). 6 years ago, I chose IIUM over UiTM Shah Alam; followed the strong instinct that I had at that time. All praises to Allah s.w.t; HE answered my prayer and dream to be a law graduate. Thank you Allah. I will try harder to be a better Muslimah. And InsyaAllah, in few months time (maybe less than 2 months), there will be another remarkable day in my life; which is my LONG CALL! to be honest, I can't wait to be called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor :) just wait and see...

peeps, let's pics do the TALKING.
credit to my siblings; Nur Liyana Ramlee, Muhammad Syamim
and also my bf Sheh Ariff who turned my convocation pics into something
beautiful and awesome. Thanks dear!

my mortar board and princess diary :)

heading to the Great Hall, CAC

presented by High Commission of Republic of Maldives,
H.E. Mr Mohamad Zaki

walking out in the red carpet

find me!hee~

beautiful flowers and gifts from beautiful ppl

my familia (not in the pic; my youngest sister who's
studying in Unimas)

these two are expected to graduate in the same year;
product of Utp & Uthm

my other half

my beloved parents :)

xoxo for MOM!

my ex-roomie from 1st-final year, Ms. Kinah :)

my ex-roomie in Matric IIUM,PJ (we coincidentally bumped into each other;
she's a Human Science graduate)

Nab & Kin :D

lalalalala ♪♫♪♫♪

from left: Kak Lia, Kinah, Ena, me & Nab

Hafiq in the house!!

my cousin, Abg Yus & Kak Daliza also came! with
their daughter, Sofeya Karmila :)

one day after convo day, returned the robe,
collected stage pics & scrolls :)

with Nana :)

the skies are BLUE. Subhanallah

beautiful mosque :)

this place; IIUM will be MISSED!

"The tassel's worth the hassle!"

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