Saturday, October 23, 2010

25 Oct 2010 - it's been a year!

though it's only 23rd, but I bet am going to be busy on Monday.
so let this one posted in advance.hehe :)

I can't believe it's been a year; it's been a year from the DAY herda, yna, shue, jas, shima & I (and also thousands of fans!!) meeting a korean guy named Lee Min Ho in Sg. Wang Plaza. It's one of the memorable events that I'm not going to forget easily. That's how much I like him; to put it in a simple word.

I had no IDEA back then, how would I feel at my 1st sight of him (in real life!). but i guess, the regular readers definitely understood what I went through on that day; 25 oct 2009. (pls click on the date).

LMH held a fanmeeting in Thailand few days ago; and am sure Minoz Thais can't stop bragging about him coming to Thailand.hehe. hmm.
If only Mino came to Malaysia earlier than he did; and if only I didn't have a test a day after the fanmeeting,
I'd definitely stalking him and giving my ALL out. who knows that's be my last time seeing him in person. although I have some plans here and there. duhhh! lets bygones be by gones.

it's been ages I haven't uploaded any vid; hope this one can put a SMILE on your face :)

extra: Lee Min Ho's LG Optimus (30')

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