Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Abg Boy & Kak Jaja

School holidays in Malaysia carries a significant meaning. This is when couples choose to get married and gather all the families together. Last weekend I went to Jb to attend my mom's cousin's wedding. Eventhough Jb is only an hour away or less from Kluang (well,it depends on kmph you're driving.ehe), but I've been there only for certain reasons eg. visited my relatives, met Sheh who's staying there or whenever my best friends and I tried to hang out in someplace outside Kluang (Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat will be our destinations.ehe)

The receptions (both bride and groom) were simple but nice. The most important is that most family members were gathered and had a lot of fun. CONGRATULATIONS to LEOFARIZ aka Abg Boy (eventho he's my uncle but i call him Abang instead of Uncle since I was little) and his Mrs Right, Kak Jaja. I hope you will be happily married until the end.

Zara Orked

Another reason why I need to be in Jb was because I wanted to meet my niece, Qaseh Aleesya (my cousin, Shazreen's first baby) and Kak Kiting's baby, Zara Orked. Unfortunately, Qaseh was in Kl with her mom who's still in her confinement period. Meeting Orked (her grandma prefer her first grandchild to be called Orked instead of Zara.ehe) for the first time was great. Having Joon Pyo's hair (curly), button nose, big eyes and cute chin makes her looking so adorable. I'm looking forward to meet and play with her again in the future.

I noticed there are readers who love the posts written by me about Lee Min Ho, so I will continue updating news on him.

Minsun couple, Mino and Goo Hye Sun were in Taiwan last week to promote Boys Over Flowers

Mino's Trugen CF was released recently. Trugen is a clothing brand. I can't help but to love the CF. Mino makes suits looking so delicious.ehe. Here are few pics ...

... and the CF.


Lord Fiqo said...

i've been watching boys over flower lately.
best! and it's hard to do anything, cause i am stuck in front of my lappy, watching the series.
now i know y do u like it so much ;p
aja aja aja fighting! hehe

[ citapus ] said...

hafiq,sorry for the late reply.ehe.welcome to the club.ehe :P