Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm starting to miss my Uni days :(

I think it's true that humans are hardly to please. When we received a good present, we'd wish to get a better present. And if we had a better day than yesterday, we'd wish to have the best day in our lives. That's happening to me now. I always wanted to graduate asap; classes were fine with me, lecturers & classmates also; but that was something I wished I could do asap i.e. to graduate.hehe. And now, I start to miss those days; hanging around with close friends; lying down with familiar faces & having an endless chitchat.hehe. Life was just beautiful at that time. I didn't need to look at my watch & waited for the classes end. On the other hand, I kept having a peek at my watch & start to count how many minutes & hours left before 6pm.haha. Lunch hour is a bit troublesome for me. I'm naturally a fussy eater; I'm born with it. But, at my workplace, I just tried whatever dishes/food that would make me feel hungry & just ate them without much complaints :P. If I couldn't finish them, then that's it.hehe.

peeps esp Lee Min Ho's fans, you SHOULD love me.hehe.
Btw, thanks for Korean Minoz for their latest updates on Personal Taste.
Appreciate their efforts :)

Personal Taste 1st trailer
p/s: credit for lmhworldsubs

extra photos of Personal Taste
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Cik Qinah said...

and i'm starting to miss ur company.. ;(