Thursday, July 17, 2008

EAP is settled!

finally,im sticking to one topic n it is confirmed!my topic is on organ donation n i narrow it down to 'should Malaysia adopt opt-out system in organ donation?'.my tutor seems so interested when she 1st heard abt this topic n luckily she encourages me to continue writing on this still trying to find as much sources as i can to support my arguments,so tht i wont regret writing on it.i think it is a new issue to discuss,we are lacking of organ donors n obviously we are adopting the opt-in system in organ donation ie to be an organ donor,we hv to register n get a card to prove tht we are organ donors.unlike in singapore,they are adopting the opt-out system whrby all singaporeans are deemed to be organ donors unless n until they opt out to be a non-organ donor.this practice is a very practical method in increasing the number of organ donors.why?bcos by donating our organs especially upon our death,the organs may be useful for others n at the same time,we are helping those in need to get a better n healthier life.mayb there are among us,who do not agree in donating organs.but as much as i know,even in Islam,organ donation is allowed if the purpose is to help others,but not in a negative way eg organ commercialization.but stil,mayb our society are still unaware of the benefits gained frm donating the organs.what do u say?

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