Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Utk kelas EAP,aku pk nk wat tajuk Euthanasia@also known as Mercy Killing.sbb last sem aku amek Medical Law utk subjek elektif n i found it interesting to hv a deep understanding on this issue.skng aku masih dlm proses carik material..bce balek notes sem lpas..try cri reliable sources kt buku2,web pages etc.at 1st,aku minat nk tulis psl pergolakan politik Malaysia,tp bile pk2 balik..aku rase aku may be bias ble discuss issue ni.so aku rase its unfair n it will end up to be a 'syok sendirik' research paper.Euthanasia ni kirenye 2nd choice aku..tp aku ske tajuk ni..cos as much as i've learnt in medical law,thr always be a conflict btwn sanctity of life n quality of life.some said tht its better to terminate@ in exact word,to hasten one's life rather than letting them die in pain.aku rase this topic is an arguable topic cos u may agree with euthanasia@x.ade org rase everyone hs a right to live with dignity but not to die with dignity, n this is somehow my stand.sbb,eventho western ppl think tht thr exist a doctrine of QUALIFIED sanctity of life in whch quality of life shud prevail over sanctity of life,but still we hv to believe tht the right to take away one's life is not in our own bare hands but it is in the hand of the CREATOR.x kesahla berape lame pesakit tu koma..@ in pain,kite xley simply switch off the life support machine@any machine@technology whch r used to prolong his life.despite of thinking how bad the patient suffer,we shud bear in mind,mayb thr is a reason behind it.mayb the suffering n pain is only to test the patients n the family.if we r thinking frm this angle,we may not end up suggesting to terminate the patient's life.if im x mistaken,as wht hs been told by my tutor tht thr was one case whr a patient who hd been comma 4 20yrs,one day woke up.so it shows tht anything cn happen,all we need is patience.in Quran itself,thr r many Quranic verses tell us tht life is sacred,n no one can take away one's life.so,berbalik kpd Quran yg mjadik guidance kite,euthanasia is sumthing against preservation of life.

ape yg wt aku ragu2 skng ni ialah sbb aku t'igt dlm cls Islamic criminal law I,one lecturer said tht in Islam,thr is an exception with regard to mercy killing n thr r steps to be taken b4 one's life cn be terminated.so,im in dilemma but i'll ask the lecturer for further explanation supaye aku sendrik x goyah dgn pendirian aku.wish me luck!!

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