Sunday, January 23, 2011

sorry, it's DULL dear

every time state assemblymen died, there will be by-elections and that is well-understood

but the funny thing is, whenever there is a by-election, politicians would start giving away things, either monetary/non-monetary. one party would claim that another is not taking care of the people, and of course the latter would claim otherwise.

everyone would have their own interpretation when it comes to politics; and for me i think it's about a game of bad and good. politics are DIRTY; well, it's not something came out from my mouth but I just quote it from a well-known American series that I used to watch. although it doesn't originally come from me, I must admit that I somehow agree with the statement.

don't ask me what is my political stance. I did have one; but I doubt I still have it with me.hee. however, regardless my thought I believe all citizens (in all civilized countries) must equip themselves with the basic knowledge of politics. I don't really get it when for eg I asked this lady about her opinion on certain political issues and she effortlessly answered, "I don't bother about which party is ruling the country", "there's no point for us to go for voting". wth!haha. they are extremely IGNORANT people. jahiliyyah.haha :D

pls, act like an intellectual! just give away your degree to other people, will you?

i wish all the nominees best of luck. don't just giving empty promises; be responsible with what you said/promised. you should voice out what people needs, that's the basic of being a politician. don't just TALK, TALK & TALK. it's really annoying.

ahhh...I'd love to write longer but i guess I already lost interest in Malaysian politics. because it's getting duller.*rolling eyes*

"In Mexico an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well." - Len Deighton (English writer)

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