Friday, January 21, 2011

OMG! is that why he's been silent for few days? waaaaaaa!

I browsed through one of Kim Jonghyun's tumblr just now and I found this.

News of SHINee’s Jonghyun receiving surgery on his legs were delayed in being reported to the media.

Jonghyun previously injured his left ankle on October of 2010, after the group was rushed by fans at the Jakarta airport upon their arrival. Although he thought it was okay, further examinations showed that he required surgery.

Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg at a hospital in Seoul on January 17th. Through Star News, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 20th, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.

Due to his recovery, he will not be performing at the “20th Seoul Music Awards” (scheduled for the 20th), and SHINee will be performing as a four-member group.

Source: Star News via Nate

p/s: ahhh... i hate SM for revealing this too late!! *shiro*!!!!!! don't they ever think of Blingers?? ahhh. frustrated~


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i do miss his Ring Ding Dong hairdo (Blondie Jjong)

well, here's my comment on the news. as much as i hate being hated/misunderstood, let me clarify the news if I may (but this is my blog, so am free to express my opinion, RIGHT? *evil smiling*)

I read few comments given by Indonesian Shawols clarifying the news (maybe I should use rectifying rather than clarifying). here'a the thing...

my current retrolicious's wallie

Kim Jonghyun was already injured at the stage during the performance and the injury suffered by him was not caused by Indonesian Shawols (who claimed to push him until he fell right after the Indonesia-Korea concert last October). honestly, I did have this lil dissatisfaction towards those Shawols (my mistake) after I came to know about his injury. i think i relied too much on sources which I thought they were neutral (un-BIASED); but they turned out to be otherwise. for someone who needs to dance (plus as Shawols, everyone should know that SHINee's choreographs are always of the difficult one), so definitely I'd feel angry (and at the same time sad) when jjong is injured.

for this misunderstanding; I'd like to express my APOLOGY to all Indonesian Shawols. eventhough I'd never mentioned any HARSH words but deep inside my heart I have this feeling that I had misunderstood the innocent people. and for that, I'm Sorry!

btw, congrats to SHINee!!! they won 2 awards yesterday (20.01.2011) in Seoul Music Award 2010 - Bonsang Award and Popularity Award. too bad jjong couldn't join them

I hope jjong will recover quickly; pls have a good rest jjong!!!! you've been endured the pain for so long (almost 3 months) and you even made our days joyous during your three concerts and live performances despite all the pain. recover pali!!!! ahhh... this reminds me of Lee Min Ho who had underwent a surgery last year for his injured leg (what happened to my boys?isk); but he managed to recover faster than I ever expected. so jjong, GET WELL SOON! i know you can do it. your Jinki hyung, Mino, Key and Taemin dongsengs will cheer you up. and not to forget your lovely gf Shin Sekyung, beloved mom and pretty noona :)

now I know what is the main reason behind jjong's tears in SHINee The 1st Concert...

this is must be one of the reasons :(

you'll always be my BIAS, I will definitely choose you. wait! i already chose YOU!haha :p

already ordered this t-shirt, hope to get it in early February. yipppeee!!!

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